6 Glitter polishes perfect for christmas.

Christmas is the perfect time to add some sparkle to your mani,it can make them look really festive.There are so many polishes to choose from,holographic,3D special effects,fine glitter and chunky glitter.

I love adding fine glitter to mine,especially gold paired with a deep red.

I’ve picked 6 glitter polishes from my collection,that i think are perfect to add as a topper or used on their own to add a little extra christmas sparkle.First pick is nails inc 3D special effects – Sloane square,this can be used as a topper or on its own.It’s so hard to get a true photo of this,the chunky glitter glistens all kinds of colours when the light reflects off them and has fine silver glitter running through it.I couldn’t capture that unfortunately, but it looks gorgeous over a dark purple or blue.If you want to wear this on its own that’ll look equally stunning too.See my previous post festive nails,where i show you how to build up fine glitter polishes quickly.Another gorgeous nails inc polish – Chelsea embankment,a gold fine glitter polish (obviously)!This is probably my most used glitter out of the 6,i featured this in my previous nail post.I use it on its own,built up and its stunning.Using my revlon gel top coat it lasts for over a week and because i use the sponge technique,it isn’t prone to chipping.The brushes on the nails inc polishes are lovely and precise,hardly any clean up needed.Next is OPI – Super star status,very similar to the first nails inc polish i mentioned,except this polish is just plain silver.Fine and chunky glitter, perfect over a icy blue polish.I love the wide brushes from OPI aswell,again hardly any clean up needed.This polish is slightly runnier in consistency than the others,something to bear in mind.

This OPI polish – carried away is again practically identical to my nails inc – Chelsea embankment polish.The consistency is slightly thicker and the brush is wider but the results are the same built up.I feel like i’m on repeat here but again i use this on its own with my gel top coat and it looks gorgeous.I brought this last christmas in the body shop sale,i think it was pretty cheap.I’m not sure on its name,but it’s a great topper for any shade of polish.The clear varnish acts as a very nice top coat and the glitter chunks are easy to rearrange with the brush to evenly spread them out.Last but not least is my Essie “disco ball” glitter polish – jazzy jubilant.Perfect for a christmas party,new years eve party or just any day during December.I love wearing this over my dark purple OPI polish but it goes with any blue,purple,red shade.It applies really nicely and gives a smooth finish,i’ve worn this without a topcoat before and it lasted 4 days with no chipping,it lasted a lot longer with a topcoat.

Each nail swatch is one coat,i wanted to give you an idea of how it would look as a topper.As i mentioned above,in my festive nail post i have a section on how i build my polishes up without having to layer them – which i hope you find useful.

Are there any glitter polishes you’re loving and think i will to,leave your recommendations below x


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  1. Everything Meli
    December 11, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    I love the “Disco Ball “one! The colours are perfect for the holidays!

    • December 11, 2016 / 8:25 pm

      Really is a festive one isn’t it,thanks so much for reading x

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