8 Skin Care Empties.

I’ve been hanging onto a few of my skin care empties this month in order to do this post.Many of the products you have seen in previous favourites posts and some of them haven’t been featured at all.

Neutrogena daily scrub – I found this a dream to use after i had a bad reaction to a retinol cream i was trying out.I needed a scrub that was gentle enough for everyday use,wouldn’t aggravate my healing skin too much and cleaned my pores properly.It was perfect for that,the grapefruit scent didn’t bother me,but i know some aren’t keen on it-something to bare in mind.After i finished using it though,i realised it contained microbeads and on hearing in the news about how harmful they are to marine life i decided not to repurchase!But overall a good product.REN – flash hydro boost – I can’t express how good this product actually is,it’s like botox in a tube.I can’t believe others aren’t raving about it,my fine lines and crows feet have literally disappeared.Under eye bags are concealed whilst using it and my forehead has become smoother – i’m obsessed.It is pricey at £34 a tube,which is probably why more people aren’t talking about it.For the quality and results it’s so worth it and i will definitely be repurchasing after christmas.January labs – tonic mist spray – This was in the free cult beauty beauty bag that they were giving each customer,who spent over £100 on an order.It was nice,very refreshing but i didn’t feel like it spritz me with moisture.If anything my face felt tighter,when i use a foam cleanser or something that controls oil,my face starts to itch because it’s tight and this is what happened when i used this.For £18 i wont be repurchasing,there are better alternatives out there,such as the caudalie beauty elixir that you can buy for only £11 and is much better quality.Origins ginzing energy-boosting moisturiser – I’ve just finished the 15ml version of the ginzing moisturiser and i can already see the difference in my skin because i’ve stopped using it.It gives you such a gorgeous dewy glow,plumping up your cheeks with moisture and keeping you hydrated all day.It’s £24 for 50mls,but if you keep an eye on origins offers tab,they normally have it as a free sample with a code.Balance me daily face wash – Best cleanser i’ve used in a long,long time.It removes make-up & daily dirt build up effortlessly and quickly.The fact that it is 99% natural makes it that much more appealing,hard to believe natural ingredients can get such good results.Highly recommend if you have sensitive skin but like to use a strong cleanser to get rid of daily make-up in one wash,no double cleansing.£16-125mls.Allies of skin day/night masks – Again another freebie in the cult beauty-beauty bag order.I took the time to use these when i was staying at home and not going anywhere,no makeup,no interference and i found them really nice and hydrating.I didn’t notice a huge difference,you only get 4 samples but they did what they said they would,hydrate.The full size versions are available on cult beauty for £75 & £68!A cheaper alternative i recommend is the origins plantscription serum.Starskin eye-catcher second skin eye-masks – I have a love-hate relationship with skin masks,i love the results but cringe at the texture.Slimy,slippery gel sheets,add serum into the mix and omg my toes curl up-YUK.Getting past that though and the results are fantastic,especially with these ones.They’re mean’t to reduce puffiness and redness,which it does really well.They come in a pack of two and i used mine on an evening and woke up without the usual sunken eye bags!Winners in my book,despite the texture – £8.50 from asos.Garniers 3 in 1 moisture bombA long lasting,super hydrating affordable moisturiser.I’ve had this for quite a few months now and finally it’s finished.Do you ever buy something and feel like it takes ages before you can move onto a new product.Really liked using this but i had to be careful not to get it around my eye area,as it does sting if it comes into contact with your eyes.Despite that though it is a great product product for dry skin.

Let me know if you’ve used any of these skin care products before and if you liked/disliked them.


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