A Dupe For Benefit’s Porefessional

Primers are often the most overlooked step in our makeup routine.

I know from personal experience, using a primer to improve the performance and longevity of my foundation hadn’t crossed my mind until 3 years ago.It’s not something i grew up knowing about,it’s a step i’ve come to learn and love.

As a teen, my outlook on base products started at foundation.Completely missing the primer step entirely.I wish i had known of their importance back then, i would have saved myself from some not so good looking foundation days.

As i’ve gotten older my pores have become much larger and noticeable, especially when i wear a matte foundation.Which is why i’m always trying to find primers to reduce their appearance.

NYX pore filler and Benefit's porefessional primer

Last year i found benefit’s porefessional primer, and to be honest i didn’t like it. Not because it didn’t reduce the look of my pores, it did. I just didn’t like the thick silicone feel and the fact i hadn’t quite mastered the correct technique to applying it. Having oily skin/enlarged pores, doesn’t really leave you with a lot of options primer wise. So even though i don’t like the texture of the primer, it’s the best primer suited to my skin type. 

NYX pore filler and Benefit's porefessional primer

I came across NYX’s pore filler primer in boots. It’s silicone based, shares more than 5 of the same ingredients as porefessional and applies in near enough the same way.

NYX pore filler and Benefit's porefessional primer

The difference between the two are quite noticeable, as shown above. Porefessional is smooth,silky and thick. Were as the pore filler primer by NYX is light,fluffy and gives a velvet finish. Under foundation they perform exactly the same,filling my pores and blurring fine lines equally as good as each other.

Porefessional does have a slight nude tint to it,were as the pore filler is more on the sheer side. By having a nude tint, porefessional blends in better with my skin tone.This is probably the only difference i can report from my use of them both.Which is fantastic if you’re looking for a cheaper dupe. Benefit’s primer retails at whooping £26 and NYX retails for £11,a much cheaper alternative.

NYX Pore filler primer

I apply both primers in the same way, across my t-zone and in areas where my pores are the most noticeable. Around my chin, cheeks and surprisingly above my mouth. The pore filler primer by NYX does apply slightly better than Benefit’s porefessional, for me anyway. I like to smooth it over the areas i need help with and push it into my pores, to fill them in fully. The pore filler definitely doesn’t ball up when i’m smoothing it over but porefessional does and needs to be pushed onto the skin for an even application. I find my foundation moves and doesn’t look as good, when not applied in this way. 

One ingredient i found in porefessional that spurred me to find an alternative, is BHT.Whilst i know most people aren’t too concerned about carcinogens in extremely small doses, i thought it was worth noting.NYX does not have this in their pore filler primer and that’s something that makes me question why Benefit feels it’s necessary…

Overall i think NYX has done an amazing job with their primer, it has all the same qualities of Benefit’s porefessional and is way more affordable.I will definitely be buying this from now on.

The perfect dupe.

What are you thoughts on these two? Do you agree that NYX pore filler primer is a porefessional dupe?

Links to products listed below;

NYX pore filler primer | Boots | £11

Benefit porefessional primer | Boots | £26

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