BlenderCleanser Solid & Ebay Cleansing Pad Review.

We all hate the tedious job of properly cleaning our brushes,it’s time consuming and boring.

In my personal opinion you should be cleaning your brushes once every 1-2 weeks,assuming that they are your own personal brushes.M.U.A’s should be cleaning their kit brushes after every job.I’ve used the Real Techniques brush cleanser for a good 10 months now and although it’s fabulous at cleaning my brushes and sponges,i sometimes find myself spending more time rinsing the cleanser out of the brushes than my actual make-up.

Which is why i brought the beautycleanser solid by beautyblender (£14),i’ve seen various different soap cleansers flying around the beauty community but i opted for this one.It’s small & compact,which is great for throwing in your overnight bag and at 12mls is also great for travelling.Full of natural moisturising ingredients,the soy-based soap seems a perfect choice.

At first glance i thought the small silicone cleansing pad included would be useless,but it’s great for your sponges as it doesn’t cause any tears when scrubbing.

I’ve been using my blank canvas brush to apply my foundation recently and although the RTs cleanser removes it,it takes a lot to get it out thoroughly.Using the beauty cleanser solid i was able to remove all traces of foundation with just a few swirls in the soap and a rinse,repeated twice,considerably quicker.

Since the most autumnal eyeshadows i own come in the ABH modern renaissance palette and i’ve been using it non stop for weeks now,my brushes are quite stained.If you own it you’ll know how staining the shades such as love letter and red ochre can be.The beauty cleanser made light work out of these,again a few swirls in the soap and dah daaahh brand new,squeaky clean brushes again.

I was pretty amazed at how effortlessly and quickly the soap was able to break down the built up make-up.I had no problems with rinsing the soap out and it didn’t leave any horrible tacky residue either on the bristles.

Moving onto my Ebay silicone cleansing mat that i brought for £5 from a uk seller on ebay.

*You can purchase this mat and similar ones for much cheaper prices but from china,a long wait but for as little as £1 you can grab a bargain.

I’ll be honest and admit i just normally use my hand to swirl my brushes clean when using my RTs cleanser,but not anymore.

There are different sections of textures for different brushes;

  • Face
  • Face plus
  • Define
  • Eyes

I found each section worked well with the different brushes,it didn’t damage the brush shape in any way.I was able to create a further lather whilst scrubbing and thoroughly clean each brush properly.

The suction quality is great,the mat didn’t move throughout the whole cleaning process,even with a constant flow of water.

I’m pleased with both purchases,for once,however there were some cons to both products.

The beauty cleanser needed rinsing constantly because of the build up of dirty water,which wasn’t of any inconvenience once the soap stopped sliding around in the dish and stayed in place.

The silicone mat needed holding down firmly whilst in use which didn’t leave much room to scrub my sponge,as my fingers were in the way.

The ebay cleansing mat is not suitable for cleaning your sponges,in any of the sections.I ruined one of my blenders in trying to,it teared it to shreds.

They’re two great purchases,that have made cleaning my brushes a quicker process.I recommend them both.

Let me know if you’ve tried any brush cleansing soaps and if you prefer it to a liquid cleanser,i sure do.


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  1. October 23, 2016 / 11:47 am

    Good post, I’ve also been eyeing the solid bar cleanser from beautyblender!

    • October 23, 2016 / 9:30 pm

      It was a good purchase,so glad i decided to get it.

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