Christmas wishlist 2016.

It’s been a while since i did a wishlist,so what better time to put one together then now.I know christmas isn’t about the gifts or how much you spend but there are some purchases that i feel,can be justified at this time of year.

Whilst i’ve resisted buying all the gift sets that i’ve seen in everyone’s christmas gift guide posts,i have brought some bits in the black friday sales.Not a lot,but enough for my purse to feel the pinch.This wishlist will be a few things i want personally but other things i want to buy to take with me on my holiday in a few weeks time.I’ve wanted the Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume for a few months,i wore a sample and loved it.I like the orange and vanilla notes that come through,it also has notes of bergamot, champagne, saffron and honeysuckle.I only sampled enough to cover my wrists and neck and the scent stayed with me all day – it’s so expensive,100 mls is priced at £90!I included a smith & cult nail polish in my autumn beauty wishlist,they have so many good reviews online,the latest being sam from pixiwoo.They’re meant to last upto two weeks without chipping,at £19 a bottle you’d hope they’d be hard wearing,wouldn’t you.Maybe i might treat myself for my birthday in february!Zoya nail polish features a lot in nicole ywp snaps,some of their iridescent polishes are incredible.The shift in some of them amazes me,this gorgeous pixie dust shade is £13.Moving onto items i want to buy for my holiday,i’ll start with Footwear. Footwear that’ll keep my feet comfy and warm during the ridiculous amount of walking i’ll be doing.I also don’t know how the weather is going to hold up,so i’m trying to buy items for all weather conditions.These black pumps are from primark,no more than £10 i think,i love the zip detail too.Why am i adding them into a wishlist and not buying them?They never have my size in stock,i’m a size 8,hard size to find it seems!If anyone knows where i can get a pair or similar,let me know in the comments please.I wish i could add in some kind of stylish,small clutch here,but i have to be practical and i’m going to need a decent size bag to travel with.It’ll most likely be used to keep a spare change of kids clothing and a few toiletries incase of emergencies.I love this over the shoulder bag from asos,it’s spacious and the strap is extendable so can be used over the shoulder or across – £28.Although i’ve been loving the nip and fab range lately,i really want to get my hands on this exfoliater.It has amazing reviews online and again nic has been talking about how much she loves it.She’s tried a lot of skincare over the years,but said it’s one she always goes back to,so you know it’s one to try to for the price it’s got to be worth it – £27.I love this set of 3 makeup bags from asos,the different sizes are perfect for different products.They have these in cream aswell but i think they would get dirty quickly,especially if i put eyeshadows and blushes in them,so i opted for the black.The big bag is great for all my makeup bits and bobs,the medium bag can be used for deodorants and all my skincare.The smaller bag can be used in my carry on and handbag for little essentials to keep myself looking a little presentable?!£30 for the black set and £18 for the cream-set of 3.Jeans seem like such an odd thing to put in a wishlist but when you’re on a budget and want 6 new pairs they all add up.I’m in love with high waisted jeans,they hold everything together and under a long t-shirt make everything seem slimmer.This pair are from the monki mocki deluxe range from asos-£30.Last on my list are a gorgeous pair of McQ Alexander McQueen cat eye sunglasses,i love the pink print on them.I’ll definitely need a good pair for Florida even in January the sun still shines sometimes,they add a bit of colour into an outfit,especially when wearing all black.Which i’ll most likely be wearing,these are on sale but still expensive at £53 from asos.

I could quite easily have made this wishlist super long and added in much more beauty bits,but ill save those for another post.Hope you enjoyed reading,what’s on your christmas wishlist this year?


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