Dead Good Pumpkin Knot Wrap.

About a month ago Charlie (@charliefriend) ran a giveaway over on her twitter and i WON!

The prize was a dead good pumpkin knot wrap,which contained 4 halloween products.

It was beautifully wrapped in a vibrant organic knot wrap,which according to lush are individually handmade in india,pretty cool!

The 4 products included are:

  • Boo bath melt
  • Lord of misrule bath bomb
  • Pumpkin bath bomb
  • Sparkly pumpkin bubble bar

I hadn’t had chance to pop into lush when Charlie was running her giveaway,so i’d been admiring everyone’s recent purchases on Instagram.I was over the moon to win this and review each product,i mean who doesn’t love lush?!

The most popular out of the 4 that i’ve seen the most reviewed is the pumpkin bath bomb,which was the first product i used.

Looks incredible doesn’t it?! It was perfect after a long unsettled night with baby. As it danced around the bath i could smell the faint waves of sweet vanilla and cinnamon,which was very subtle for a typical lush bath bomb if i say so myself.It left my skin nice a soft and i felt re-energised afterwards.

Lord of misrule bath bomb,much more vibrant than the pumpkin bath bomb and smelt lovely.This is now one of my favourite bath bombs to date,they still had this and the shower gel when i went into lush last week.I hope they make this into an all year round product.

It’s sweet vanilla fragrance & earthy aromas make it perfect for halloween but equally great for when you’re having a pamper night and want to unwind.The bright green bomb started to ooze a creamy pink froth,spinning in all it’s glory until it ended up in a gigantic pool of deep red water.Loved this so much.

The boo bath melt is simply gorgeous! I smushed this little beauty together under some hot water and created a milk bubble bath.It smells so lush,i hope they bring it back after this as i prefered it to their floating island melts.Scents of ginger definitely came through,perfect for chilly winter days.I’m still yet to use this sparkly pumpkin bubble bar,not because it smells bad – it smells gorgeous.I just haven’t wanted to bathe in glitter…These types of glittery bubbles,leave me covered and my bath,which is a nightmare to clean off – stains my tub slightly.I’ll most likely use this closer to christmas,when i’ll definitely be in the mood to use it.



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