December beauty favourites and highlights.

December is always so incredibly busy,isn’t it?!You think you’re on top of things and then before you know it,it’s a week before Christmas and you’ve got 10 more gifts to buy and only 1 spare day to get them!Regardless of all the stress,December really is the best month of the year.Making way for bold lips,a lot of glitter and new holiday makeup releases for everyone to lust over.My December beauty favourites and highlights is all the things that made the end of 2017 one of the best.

Throughout 2017 i’ve tried many different cleansers but the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser has been my number one favourite all year round.I’ve gone through countless bottles of it,my skin has never looked better than it does when using it.Yes it’s on the expensive side but it’s worth every penny.A great makeup remover and does amazing things with combatting blackheads and blemishes.I highly recommend it to anyone.

Despite my terrible swatch photo,this is by far the prettiest blush i’ve used this year.It compliments my skin tone so well,the perfect dusty rose shade.This Milani blush is in the shade tea rose,if you haven’t tried one of their blushes,you should.I also love their baked blush in the shade luminoso,it’s also beautiful on fair skin.

Makeup revolutions bronzer and glow palette was a surprisingly lovely discovery,i’ve used it everyday.I’m sure i’ve included it in a previous post before and even though i own many other bronzers it blends like no other and is subtle enough for everyday makeup.

If there was ever a time for a bold lip December is it,especially a red lip.Last year Kylie’s Kristen was my favourite red lip and this year is no different.It definitely didn’t hold up against me eating my Christmas dinner but the beautiful thing about Kylie’s liquid mattes is the way you can layer them.Layering it up doesn’t leave your lipstick looking horrible and i don’t have any crumbs of dried up lipstick mixed in.If you have any recommendations from her new range,let me know in the comments,i feel i need to order soon.

Despite owning countless eyeshadow palettes,i’m not one to wear a bold eye everyday or experiment with bright reds and oranges.That was until i owned this beaut, the JaclynhillXMorphe palette is vibrant and each shade effortlessly blends.It is without a doubt what makes this palette so sort after.I didn’t buy it on the first launch because i thought it was so overhyped but after seeing some swatches and eye looks,i bought it on the second launch and i’m so glad i did.It’s right up there with the modern renaissance palette in terms of quality and worthy of its cost.These are some of the shades i’ve used the most this month,beautiful shimmers and mattes.I can see this palette being one of my most used in 2018.

Last but not least is the peel off gel len nail polish,i ordered this just in time for Christmas.I hate my nails chipping just a day after application and i really wanted to do my own gel manicure at home,without going to the salon.I bought a few shades for a really affordable price off Amazon and i’m so happy with the quality.Beautiful nails for upto 14 days,upto 7 with no tip wear.I wrote a full review and step by step guide on what you need and how to create the perfect gel mani at home here.Bonus points for not needing to use any nail polish remover,i just simply peel it off.

As for December’s highlights,i’ve found this month really hard to catch up on everyone’s blogmas posts.I’ve read a good few but nowhere near as many,as i normally would.Instead i’ve included one of my favourite Christmas posts by Emmy.Her “what i got for Christmas” post was one of my favourites to read this week.As she said in her post,there’s always so much negativity when people post what they got for Christmas.For me they are my favourite type of posts,i love seeing what everyone got and loved.Check her other posts out too,she’s one of the few bloggers who are genuine on all her other social media platforms too.

I have however watched an unhealthy amount of youtube whilst wrapping presents and cooking.I picked the normies this month as my highlight.They’re a great bunch of friends who watch popular tv shows and discuss each episode afterwards.I’ve really liked watching their vikings,walking dead and stranger things reactions.If you have a GSOH and like those type of videos,i definitely think you should check them out and subscribe.

Instagram has be flooded with festive photos,great outfit shots,bomb af makeup looks and i am here for them all.Mel always has amazing photos on her feed,she posts the best flatlays and her Christmas theme was unreal.She leaves the loveliest comments on everyone’s photos and is active with her followers.

I hope you had the best 2017 but even if like mine it was full of health issues,don’t worry about it.Make 2018 the best it can be for you,i’m so excited to see what 2018 has instore for us all.

Thanks for reading x


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