Festive Nails + A quick tip on building glitter polish up.

Would blogmas really be complete without a few nail posts thrown in?

How’s everyone finding blogmas so far?I’m not finding it too hard yet,apart from feeling overly tired,it’s going ok.I did most of my christmas shopping in November,so i’m able to relax a little bit now.Good job really,means i can concentrate on getting ready for my holiday next month!

If you’ve braved the shops the past couple of weeks,i know you’ve been amazed at the festive decor.I absolutely love seeing each shop out do each other,glitter snowflakes and red velvet bows everywhere.

I brought this Barry M nail polish in the shade raspberry back in October and i love it.I love it so much that i wore it constantly for about 2 weeks when i first brought it-it’s that good.It’s incredibly long wearing and chip resistant.Better than any other red nail polish i currently own.The bristles don’t flare out they keep their shape,which allows for precision and the formula is the perfect consistency too.It only needs one coat for a good opaque finish,the best part is it’s only £4 in boots!It wouldn’t be very festive of me to just wear a deep red in December though,so i added some much needed gold sparkle in the form of chelsea embankment by nails inc.

A few weeks ago on snapchat i was watching Nicole’s snaps,she has a youtube channel-youngwildandpolished and in her snaps she gave us some tips on building up glitter polish,without having to constantly layer it up.Apply one layer and then simply dab the glitter polish onto your nail with a small sponge,the sponge will soak up the varnish and just apply glitter.It worked really well for me-such a helpful tip.

cut a small piece of sponge off and dab the edge with your glitter polish.

Dab the corner you’ve applied polish to, onto your nail.

As you can see the glitter polish is beautifully applied,not patchy and the glitter is flat from the sponge.

Apply your topcoat for a smooth finished look.

I’m still madly in love with the Revlon gel topcoat,it gives such a beautiful smooth finish and i love this nail look so much.

Hope you found this tip helpful.Let me know what colour polishes you love to use during December?


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