Friday night chill.

Yaaay it’s friday,which means the majority of you will get a lie in tomorrow?!Can’t believe we are now on day 9 of blogmas, i’m quite pleased that i’ve managed to write this many posts – i’m writing this on day 2 of blogmas by the way!

I didn’t see that many posts on twitter,i read and commented on the ones i did see.I know a lot of bloggers are taking part,so i’ve been clicking back on the bloglovin’ app to try to catch all your posts.If there’s one thing that makes me want to write more posts it’s reading everyone else’s and feeling motivated to write my own.Don’t forget i am also posting on Instagram daily throughout December,i’d love some new followers over there.

I received some of my christmas deliveries today,that i’d ordered for my family.Whilst i ordered those,i’d also treated myself to some new bits,i mean,it would have been rude not to,right?Boots had some great deals on skin care on cyber Monday and i managed to get the nip and fab glycolic cleansing fix for half price and i think 30% off the neutrogena hydro boost gel-cream.I also ordered a NYX brow pencil and the Barry M limited edition nail polish in the shade enchanted.Not a huge splurge but big enough for me.

Anyway,i was feeling pretty rubbish today so to cheer myself up i tested out my new face wash,had a shower with my new lush snow fairy body conditioner,used a face mask and read my book.

First impressions of the cleansing fix wash are good,it’s really gentle.Although in saying that,it didn’t have quite the same effect of the nip and fab’s glycolic scrub.I’m trying to find that one cleanser that gets deep down into your pores and gets rid of all the dirt.I know that’s a scrubs job but even those don’t get deep enough for me.Initial first use was ok, my skin felt incredibly soft and for an evening cleanser my skin did feel tighter.Not stripped but because it’s a foaming gel cleanser and i have dry skin it’s inevitable my skin will feel slightly tighter.I’ll let you know how it performs in the new year,i should be able to give a better overview of it by then.Have you read my recent lush haul post?I brought a few bits from their christmas range,including the snow fairy body conditioner.After i gave my hair a good wash,i used my snow fairy shower gel,which is just so christmassy,i’m obsessed.I have to be honest i brought the huge tub of the body conditioner because when i smelt it in store,it smelt really sweet.However,it’s not that strongly scented like the shower gel and i was a bit miffed,ha!It did save me a job of having to moisturise tonight though,every cloud and all that.For my face mask,i chose the mudmasky facial detox purifying recovery mask,it’s one of the best pore cleansing masks i own.It was in the august glossybox and my first impressions of it were good,but i found it on the pricey side.Too pricey for me to repurchase,so now i only use it when i feel i need something stronger than a superdrug mask.I used my new neutrogena moisturiser aswell,which is gorgeous and the three facial products together,complemented each other well.I felt so much better after having a shower and giving my skin a good cleanse,i then sat down with my Mary,Queen of Scots book.I love history,it’s been a passion of mine since i was young.It’s one of the subjects i actually enjoyed and picked at school and further read up on past my school years.I got into this book after watching the Netflix drama, Reign –which i’m pretty sure everyone’s watched by now.It showcases a dramatised version of Mary,queen of Scotland’s life,as a child growing up in France and marrying the dauphin of France (which was an arranged marriage).It currently has 4 seasons on Netflix,that i binged watched and then brought 3 historically correct books on – i needed to know more about her life in France.I’m so into the book at the moment that if i don’t finish it soon,it’ll end up being my holiday read.

This was exactly what i needed to refresh my mind,take a break and feel ready to continue with more blogmas posts tomorrow.

What do you do to chill out when you’re feeling rubbish?



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