Nail Dotters

As you know from my previous posts i love spending a little time making my nails look pretty,next to freshly washed hair a good set of nails makes me feel human again.

A few weeks ago i was watching one my favourite youtubers snaps,she spoke about using nail dotters and how she had purchased some from amazon for a very cheap price.Not one to pass up a bargain i went on a little search and found a few sets,one of which was £1!

Nail dotters

They arrived weeks before their estimated due date which is always nice,i love getting unexpected mail.As they were only £1 i wasn’t expecting much,i half expected the pins to drop out after a little wobble but they didn’t thankfully.They’re sturdy and easy to use and have a good grip,this set gives a great flat dot.The different size ball head selection is good and one has a very fine tip which is great for precise lines.

Some tips i’ve learnt:

  1. The secret to great dots is after every 2-3 dots, dip the dotter into some acetone and wipe it off onto a cotton pad,it stops the polish drying and ensures even distribution throughout your pattern.You can easily do this one-handed and it only takes a few dots into the acetone and onto the cotton pad to remove any residue,it doesn’t interfere too much with the process.
  2. I like to lay out my polish on a small paint palette (tinfoil will do if you don’t have one) and i take my brush and let a few drops drip onto the tray.The trick is to keep topping that up,if you don’t freshen up every few minutes what happens is when you apply your dot and then pull your dotter up because the polish is drying it will drag,often leading to that stringy tail end that ends up ruining your design or an air bubble in the center of your dot.

I wanted to insert a picture of my nails after i’d played around with my new dotters.Can you tell i have Disney on the brain?!

I used a basic Avon polish for my base and for the dots i used my nails inc and models own polishes,i also used my Barry M nail hardener as a topcoat.A quick tip when using a top coat over your dots,keep it thick.Don’t let your brush become dry as it will drag your nicely formed dots down.

It’s that simple,i hope you found these little tips useful and don’t forget to go grab yourself a bargain. 


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