Nail Of The Week #2

I’ve been pinning like crazy lately over on pinterest,if it’s not autumnal then it’s bound to be nail art related,i’m addicted.I love seeing everyone getting creative with stamping and airbrushing,i draw huge inspiration from this.I’ve been seeing a lot of space inspired nail designs and i just had to try it out,they look really easy to re-create.

Also this week i’ve been more active over on my instagram,i used to just post whenever i had a new post up,but it’s actually another wonderful community to be apart of.So i’m now posting more frequently over there and with photos not just blog related (but still beauty related) i’d love to interact over there too.

Ok,enough of the self promo and onto this weeks nails and the products i used to re-create the space inspired look;

I always do the same prep each week,i remove my polish with nailene and then i file them into shape.I like squaring mine at the moment,i used to round them off but i like to change it up every now and again.Once i’ve got them the way i like,i move onto the base.

I needed a deep dark blue or black to use as a background colour for this design and shockingly i have few dark blues or blacks.After digging around a little i found an old Avon polish that i used to use a lot,underworld it has subtle flecks of silver chunks running through it which is perfect for this.

A few of the designs had a mixture of whites,blues and pinks to re-create the galaxy effect but i didn’t have any shades of pink that were similar to those used,so i just went with white and blue.Azure snow white are the perfect match for creating the galaxy/space effect.

The two small sponges that i used to dab azure & snow white on were nothing more than the edges off a dish washing sponge,no really,they were.

Short walk through of how i created the design;

  1. 1 coat of underworld.,allowed to dry for a minute.
  2. I then dabbed some azure onto the edge of a sponge square and dabbed it lightly onto each nail.From corner to corner,adding to parts i felt needed more.
  3. Same with snow white but with lighter dabs.
  4. Using the fine tip dotter i used snow white to dot a few random stars around.

Using the top coat i received in this months glossybox i sealed it all in.This Revlon’s gel topcoat is gorgeous,i’ve never seen an applicator like it,it’s double ended,how strange?

It’s applies beautifully smooth,the tube that holds the bristles acts as a doppler and keeps pumping more polish out with every stroke.No air bubbles form either after,which my barry m one had started to do.The chipping is minimized too,i went a good few days before tip wear even started to show and i had done a lot of cleaning in between.

As always i finished off using my RTs brush and a bit of nailene to clean up the edges and then some nailberry nailbalm to give my cuticles a well deserved pampering.

So that’s it for this weeks look,i hope you enjoyed it.I’ve linked all available products above,please let me know in the comments if you liked it and tag me in your nail art/design posts.


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