Nail Of The Week #3

This weeks nail inspiration was again from the beautiful world of pinterest,if you haven’t already you can follow me on their and my many boards here.

Products used this week-

Even with me enjoying the cooler autumnal weather,i’m still hanging onto my pastels and white polishes that remind me of spring for now.As where i live some days are still quite warm,perfect cardigan weather.

Anyway i like my nails to reflect how i’m feeling most the time but not this week,i went with the total opposite to what i wanted to really do and chose cute,calming,light colour.The CND vinylux is kind of a new edition to my ever growing collection of nail polishes,i kept seeing laura cunningham’s snaps (twitter handle hereof her getting her nails done with this brand of polish.So naturally i couldn’t just watch,i had to buy it to try it out for myself.

It’s a lovely polish,good coverage and not too runny.Smooth application,although it did look a bit streaky with only one coat.It’s a very strong polish,normally when i do my nails i always end up smudging at least 2 fingers but as this dried fairly quickly,it didn’t budge.

I’ve used the Angelica polish before,a few times actually in some other nail dotting designs.Even then i found it really hard to work with,it’s so runny and glupy.It always ends in me using messy,quick strokes to ensure a smooth coat.It’s never bubbled on my nails before though which it did this time,it might be the change in topcoat.

*Must remember to buy OPIs|my boyfriend scales walls*

I used a bit of the nail art tape i got from my nailbox subscription on my middle fingers,just to add a bit of sparkle.I think it complements the nails inc holographic topcoat beautifully.I then used my Revlon gel topcoat,as i have been now since i received it in this months glossybox.It’s lovely and thick but i don’t think it’s as strong as my old barry m one.

Other products used –

Clean up process is always the same,i use an old RTs lip brush dipped in nailene to clean up my edges.The nail balm has become a staple in my nailbox purchases,i love the condition my cuticles are now in from constantly using it.

This weeks look is a simple one and very easy to recreate.

Thanks for reading x


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  1. October 3, 2016 / 7:25 pm

    Its a nice polish,I’m definitely going to try it in a different colour to compare x

  2. October 3, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    These looks beautiful! Absolutely love the lilac and the glittery nail! Shame ghT the product isn’t as great as it could be X

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