Nailbox cancels its service,finally!

Last week i received my nailbox and if i’m honest i was disappointed,once again…

This is probably the worst box i’ve received in terms of quality and shade choices.The note with this month’s box read,back to basics – It’s a December box?!

Polishes included were nails inc – west end,sinful pro shine – flawless,Essie – tying the knotie and a rimmel top coat and there was a nail file from the works.All the same brands that i’ve been receiving since i signed up to their service back in june.I think apart from a few other brands,they have used the same ones every time.

Before i go into the details of the email i received,from nailbox explaining why they’ve gone out of business,i’ll give you a run down of what my 6 months subscription brought me.Please bear in mind that i signed up to nailbox as a treat for myself,to discover new brands of nail polish and get the latest on trend shades.

  • 5 orange polishes 
  • 6 blue polishes
  • 2 brown polishes
  • 3 glitter polishes
  • 1 black polish
  • 1 grey polish
  • 1 dark green polish
  • 1 pink polish
  • 1 purple polish
  • 1 white polish
  • Cuticle balm
  • Toe separators
  • Nail foil strips
  • Nail stick on diamonds
  • Nail gems
  • Nail file
  • Nail stamper with stamping paint

Orange,brown and white are the least brought polishes on the market,in my opinion.That’s why i believe they were always included in the boxes, because they are the polishes brands aren’t to fussed about giving out for free.You also have the fact that they are from old releases and easily sourced from cheap sites – making nailbox a profit.I’ve put all my polishes together to show you what my £90 brought me,also what brands were featured and how similar the shades were.Out of the 21 polishes i have,i personally would have only picked 5 of them,3 being glitter polishes – again bearing in mind i wanted to discover new shades and brands.So now you know where i’m coming from when i say i’m disappointed in the choices that were made with putting the boxes together.

Now onto the email i received last week.

 Dear customer,

We’re writing to inform you that will be closing with immediate effect.

Owing to difficulties finding new suppliers and brands to work with, and sourcing stock at sustainable price levels, we have made the difficult decision to end the service. We are sorry we have had to take this decision, and it’s not one that we’ve taken lightly.

Customers with active subscriptions: 

For customers on our month to month subscription, we will not bill you further and no further boxes will be dispatched. 

For customers who have prepaid three, six or 12 months in advance, we will refund you for any boxes outstanding: 

Customers on a three month subscription will receive a refund of £14.50 per nailbox outstanding 

Customers on a six month subscription will receive a refund of £14 per nailbox outstanding 

Customers on 12 month subscription will receive a refund of £13.50 per nailbox outstanding 

Please note that any refunds due have to be processed manually, we will be issuing refunds over the coming days, and plan to have them all issued by 1st December 2016 at the latest. Refunds may take 3-5 working days to show up on your payment card, this is due to bank processing times and is beyond our control.

We are privileged to have served every single one of our subscribers, we really appreciate your trust and of course your custom throughout the time we’ve run the nailbox service.

Since April 2015, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the latest and greatest polishes, treatments, tools and brands. We didn’t always get it right, but we certainly tried our best – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our journey, and we’re forever grateful to everyone who signed up. We couldn’t have done it without you!

If you have any questions or queries, please email our team at and we’ll be glad to assist you further.

Thank you once again!


The Team 

Whilst it is a very honest email,i wish they had ended it months ago.Which would have saved me quite a bit of money and them the embarrassment of being left with a bad rep.I cancelled my subscription on the Wednesday,after finding my 5th orange polish,a terrible pink and 4th brown – I’d reached my limit of wasting my money.I received this email late Thursday evening.

If anyone is reading this and is thinking about starting their own subscription box,please take this into account.As a consumer it is infuriating to constantly receive the same brand of product,in similar shades or style.At least with my glossybox subscription they continue to use different brands,no matter if i like them or not,they give you a variety of the latest products.

What are your thoughts on how nailbox conducted themselves?Not giving consumers the choice to choose shades,or brands each month.Ending their service after sending out a poor quality box,knowing that people would be dissatisfied but they sent it anyway knowing they were ending their service.






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  1. Everything Meli
    December 4, 2016 / 7:33 pm

    Good to know! I completely agree after receiving the same colour it’s not worth it! Thanks for sharing!

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