November Beauty Favourites and Highlights

Apart from being totally distracted by the fact Christmas is around the corner,i’ve not been that overly enthusiastic about any new launches this month.So my November beauty favourites and highlights may well be a little underwhelming for some.They’re all products i’ve recently bought though,so if you’re still interested in what made it to the favourite pile.Carry on reading.

I had a hiccup in my skincare recently,i broke out really badly as a result and it took me quite a while to recover from it.Tarte’s frixxxtion stick is unlike anything i’ve used before.It turns into a clay exfoliating cleanser and depending on how hard your rub it in,it gives a thorough cleanse without being too harsh.I’ve already hit the bottom of mine *sob* so i’m thinking about buying the full version very soon.Who else is lusting over Tarte’s toasted palette and huge wheel of blushes,they look amazing.I think i’m going to treat myself to them after Christmas!

One staple in many makeup lovers collection is the bioderma micellar water.I’ve tried a few micellar waters this year and whilst they’re great for removing makeup,i have other cleansers in my stash that do the same job,if not better.So i don’t normally buy them.

Having said that,there are days where i’m getting into bed,practically falling asleep and i remember i’ve not removed my makeup.So having this on hand can be useful.It’s nice and gentle on the eyes,doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and removes my foundation well.Plus it comes in a nice little travel size and it doesn’t contain any nasty carcinogens!

L’Oreal’s paradise extatic mascara is perfect for this time of year,giving the appearance of full,volumized lashes,without having to apply falsies.I’m pretty sure everyone and their mum has used this,i think it gives better than sex a run for its money.I actually prefer this mascara over too faced’s as it doesn’t smudge throughout the day.It’s also £9 cheaper than too faced’s better than sex,perfect drugstore alternative.

Zoe Suggs Snow ‘ella’s rollerball fragrance has been one of my everyday essentials this month.I also have the full size version of it too but in my opinion the rollerball is stronger in scent.I love how i can travel absolutely anywhere with it.In my bag or pocket,it’s so convenient.The scent is an orange,citrus musky scent,not overpowering at all.I hope she brings out more affordable scents like this in 2018,i would definitely buy and recommend.

Did you read my latest post on the NYX pore filler primer?I go into detail about it being a dupe for porefessional,it’s a great primer if you have combination/oily skin.I’ve been using it everyday along side my NYX matte setting spray.The spray has a lovely fine mist and locks my makeup in all day.It’s affordable and i prefer it over some of the expensive sprays i own.If there’s one product i had to chose out of all this month’s favourites,it would be the NYX setting spray.

Last but not least is Lush’s snow fairy body conditioner,pretty self-explanatory really.If you haven’t tried it yet,why not?!If you are regularly exfoliating in the shower and want to skip or add more moisturising steps into your routine.You need to buy this,it’s perfect if you’re in rush or want to be able to get dressed straight after you’ve dried off.It leaves your skin lovely and hydrated and smelling like sweet candyfloss!Lush’s Christmas collection this year looks amazing,if i had some extra pennies i would be buying everything!

Products listed:

Tarte’s frixxxtion stick | QVC | £18 | Full size

Bioderma | Boots | £10.80 | Full size

L’Oreal mascara | Boots | £12

Zoe Sugg rollerball Snow’ella fragrance | Superdrug | £12

NYX setting spray | Boots | £7

NYX pore filler primer | Boots | £11

Lush snow fairy body conditioner | Lush | £8.50

This month has been somewhat overwhelming for me mentally,with Christmas around the corner i’m sure i’m not the only one getting super stressed about it all.Reading everyone’s blogs on gift guides,travel suggestions and just normal lifestyle posts,keeps me feeling a little more sane through it all.

I’ve been loving Fee’s blog her blog caught my attention again when she posted 10 bizzare beauty facts it was such a good post and i’ve loved everything she’s posted since.I find the downfall of following so many blogs on bloglovin,hidden gems like this can get lost.I’m in awe of her photography and efforts to help others find great deals on high quality products.If you like beauty bloggers that are honest,consistent and write to benefit you as a reader,go check her out!

Last month i tagged Hailey as my favourite youtuber of the month,so there’s no surprise that Loey Lane is my favourite this month.With halloween not long gone,i’ve still been on my paranormal binge.Loey is a huge youtuber,that i can’t believe i hadn’t come across before.I’ve been watching her storytime videos whilst i cook,clean and have some spare time.If you love viral scary stories being combed over or haunted house experiences,you NEED to subscribe to Loey.Her latest video freaked me out so much,it’s still playing on my mind!

Picking one instagram account to include in my November favs was hard.There are so many people posting the most stunning photos,it’s amazing.This month i chose Tania @teabeeblog her instagram is full of autumnal gorgeousness and she’s just started posting some Christmassy photos.Go show her some love!

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