October Favourites.

Hope everyone had a fabulous halloween,whatever you did,i hope it was fun!

Once again another month has flown by and i’m sat here writing my monthly favourites post.I’m honestly not complaining,the quicker christmas comes the better.It’s my favourite time of year and i’m starting to feel very festive.

I’ve even begun putting my christmas posts together,brainstorming and jotting down my gift ideas for people.

This past month has been lovely,the days have become colder,darker,shorter which means i can dig out my old cardigans and fluffy socks.On an evening i can snuggle up in my fleecy pjs with some hot coco and tap away with the heating on full blast-heaven!

I haven’t had many products that i’ve been in love with this month but i have been reaching for these products near enough everyday.The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance has become my go-to eyeshadow palette throughout October.It has brown,orange & berry toned shadows,perfect for autumn in every way.They are so versatile,i love how many different looks you can create with only a few shades.I personally love to use tempera as my base,raw sienna as my transition,burnt orange in the outer corners and a bit of primavera swept from the inner corner towards the middle.I have a few other combinations that i switch between but that’s the general look i go for everyday.Staying with eye make-up,i’ve been admiring how good my real techniques base shadow brush is.It’s a tapered eye brush that’s firm yet soft,a perfect brush for applying shadows to the outer corner inwards.I haven’t had to use any tape to sculpt my edges,the brush does most of the work for you.It’s available in a set of 5 eye brushes (which was a gift last christmas) and i prefer it over my sigma & morphe brushes.Lastly make-up wise is my creamy NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade stockholm.I mean i don’t think i could have left this out,i’ve been wearing it for weeks now it’s gorgeous.I’m slowly moving onto the new shades that i recently purchased (6 Autumn Lipsticks Under £7.) and no doubt they’ll play a feature in a favourites post soon!Moving onto skincare,i’ve just finished a lot of my favourite cleansers and moisturisers.Whilst i try out some new products i’ve been using my origins drink up 10 minute mask,i’ve suffered a bit with dry patches this month due to the change in weather and my beloved hormones.My foundation hasn’t been sitting right and this mask is helping restore some moisture and elasticity to my skin.You can use it two ways,as either a 10 minute mask or as an overnight mask,i use it for both depending on how bad my skin is.

Last but not least is Primark,i’ve never really shopped there till recently.I brought some jeans from them a while ago and i really liked the way they fit.So i went back and brought more from their super stretch skinny range.I’ve purchased everything from blog props to clothing to make-up,all for low,low prices.I know from the price that the quality isn’t going to be luxurious but when you’re on a tight budget,needs must.I can see myself shopping there a lot more often!

Not many favourites this month i’m afraid,but hopefully there will be plenty more during November.The run up to christmas always gets a little crazy!


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  1. November 1, 2016 / 7:38 pm

    Primark is definitely one of my favorite go-to stores! I can’t believe how affordable and cute things are there! They have everything!!! Also that face mask- if you do wear it overnight, is it moist or does it dry up before washing it off?

    xo, JJ

    • November 3, 2016 / 11:38 pm

      hi jenny,it really is a great store,isnt it.The origins drink up mask when i use it as an overnight mask,keeps my face hydrated during the night.I wake up and my face feels lovely and soft,it feels plump.It doesn’t feel greasy or like the cream has sat on top of your skin,it really soaks in beautifully.Although be mindful the tube doesn’t say it’s for overnight use,that’s something i’ve just been using it for.If you suffer with breakouts,i would just use it as a 10 minute mask 🙂

  2. November 1, 2016 / 7:25 am

    I really enjoy using the real technique brushes, loved this post all you October favourites

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