October’s Glossybox.

Seeing as it’s October and halloween is at the end of the month,i hoped glossybox would have done something special for the occasion.

I don’t know what i was expecting if i’m honest,i’m still new to the brand.Maybe an orange box and paper would have been a nice touch?

Nevertheless i’m still happy with it,as i’ve said in previous posts,i subscribed to glossybox to discover products i would never pick up myself.I very much keep to well-known brands and hardly ever take the plunge and splurge on a new one – that could be because i hate wasting money though.

This month’s box was guest edited by Estee LaLonde,if for some reason you don’t know who she is she’s a beauty & lifestyle blogger/vlogger.She has just released her first book Bloom,where she talks about the philosophy of self-love and how it has helped her get to where she is now.I’ve not personally read the book yet but i’ve heard other people can’t put it down,which is always a good sign.

As guest editor Estee included her favourite shampoo (a secret branded shampoo) for us to try and guess what it was.It smelt like head and shoulders and surprise,surprise it was in fact head and shoulders.I use it all the time,it’s really good at removing dandruff.

There are 3 lip products in this month’s box,a Trifle cosmetics-lip cream/lipstick,a secret flush-lipstain & a Primark longwear lipliner.

The triple cosmetics lip cream is beautifully moisturising with all that vitamin E inside and whilst i would normally love that in a lipstick,I don’t love this shade.It’s far to light for me to be a nude even though i’m rather pale,so i’m not sure who this would be a nude oni…{£13}

The primark lipliner is a gorgeous deep red,perfect for a halloween look or even for a christmas/news eve party when paired with a red lipstick.I wish the tip wasn’t as pointed though as my lines were a bit wobbly,if it was abit more blunt it would be perfect.It’s definitely waterproof,this was by far the hardest lip product i’ve ever tried to remove.I used make-up remover,wipes and a lip scrub,the lip scrub is what removed it in the end but even after all that my lips were still badly stained!I’m on the hunt now to try to find some more primark makeup to test out and hopefully a more wearable liner.{£3}

Moving on to the secret flush-cream blush/lip stain by the brand universal beauty cosmetics.For me this is the best lip product out of the 3,a multipurpose product is always a winner in my eyes and this is much better than the lipstain i received in my first glossybox.Easy to blend out on the cheeks and correct if you apply a bit too much and it applied lovely on the lips equally.It didn’t transfer like crazy either when i drank my tea which is a bonus,a must have for your handbag.{£15}.

I was quite happy to see Estee had included the bee good-honey & camelina facial exfoliator,i’ve just finished my neutrogena daily scrub and need a replacement.I always find scrubs to be a bit too harsh on my skin,that’s why i love my balance me daily wash.This exfoliate has lavender,wheat germ oil & british propolis included in the ingredients,which help balance the skin,remove dead skin and moisturise.Very keen to test this out over the next few weeks.{£11}.

Lastly is the ritual of shakura body cream,a gorgeous whipped body cream that smells of cherry blossom.It’s a nice body cream that does the job and is non-greasy,i assume it’s full size.{£6}

My favourites in this month’s box are the secret flush lip duo & the bee good exfoliator,I’m definitely a fan.

Have you purchased this month’s box,what where your thoughts,leave your links down below.


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