Primark Nail Polish Review.

Many of you will have already discovered these incredibly cheap nail polishes in Primark.

I’ve started testing out a few things from their beauty range and today i thought i’d share with you my thoughts on their Ps Pro nail polishes.

In my local primark they have their beauty section right next to the tills,terrible idea for people who are actually looking for something in particular but also equally excellent for finding hidden gems whilst waiting in line.

It gets so crowded round the shelves that i don’t normally get a look in,thankfully on the day i went i managed to get a few minutes uninterrupted to scan a section.I was looking for some autumnal polishes and that’s when i found these two gorgeous colours.The deep blue is shade midnight ink and the deep red is shade chianti,they fit right in with the season.Not only are the shades gorgeous but the price is unbelievable,i purchased these for an astonishing 80p each!

I also picked up the Ps Pro base & topcoat for only £1,crazy!Despite the cheap price i was pretty impressed with the colour pay off,the picture above is after one coat of each polish.

The base & topcoat does have a strong smell,one that i associate with back in the day nail polishes.I don’t think i own anything quite that strong smelling anymore,until now obvs.It still does a great job at not forming small air pockets within each coat (i am so sick of this happening to my manicure) and it gives the polish a nice shine.

However for £1 don’t expect miracles,it isn’t a gel overlay and it doesn’t stop chippage.

Midnight ink & chianti are thick polishes,not gloopy thick just thick enough not to be runny.The brush is wide,which i absolutely love!I live for brushes like this because it helps with precision.Colour pay off was just what i expected,if not better and they dried remarkably quickly.

Just be wary of the tops,they can pop off or even become stuck on the inside ridge.This can easily be avoided by just popping off the casing,opening as normal and then fitting the casing back on to help with grip.

Just as i said before,for 80p don’t expect miracles but overall i was pleasantly surprised with the quality of them and i’ll definitely be purchasing more.

These will make great stocking fillers,for young teens & even some adults.

Let me know in the comments below what beauty buys you’ve bought from primark recently.I’d love to hear your recommendations.


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