Quai haircare hair masques.

Blogmas day 22,starting to feel slightly uneasy now that some of my purchases i made several days ago,still haven’t arrived.I don’t think they’re going to make it on time!Hopefully everyone else is having a lovely week so far,just 3 more sleeps to go,eek!!

I’ve been trying out some of the samples i brought a few months back,one of the samples included in the cult beauty beauty bag was a 3 pack of Quai haircare hair masques.Since dying my hair brunette from platinum blonde a few years back,i’ve never addressed the damage i had inflicted on my ends.They are split,damaged and it doesn’t help that i’ve not had a trim for over a year!

So i decided to give these a whirl as they’re meant to enhance moisture levels, repair and protect your damaged ends.

Some of the key ingredients included are amino acidswhich can help with hair growth,ama oil – helps to bring back that healthy shine and smart keratins – help to restore the split ends,hold moisture whilst reducing frizz.Also infused with Italian lemon, Turkish rose, jasmine, iris, lily and white musk to give the product a gorgeous scent.They make for a rather luxurious hair treatment and i’ve thoroughly enjoyed using them.

I wish i’d taken before and after photos to show you the difference,but as we all know by now,i don’t think that far ahead!I’ve used them with and without blow drying,to see how the frizz reducing properties compared and although i found them to work great when i blow dried and straightened my hair,i still had some frizz when leaving my hair to dry naturally.

Apart from the frizz dilemma,my hair was smoother and softer after each use.On the second treatment my split ends had started to calm down,they weren’t so wild and sprouting.After the third treatment my ends looked and felt healthy,more weighted and less fly away,i was throughly impressed.

To buy a set of 8 it’s £25 and whilst i know this is due to the celebrity status attached to its creator Jen Atkins,i don’t think i would pay that for 578mls (8x71ml sachets) of product.I’ll definitely be sticking to my garnier argan oil conditioner.I’d recommend these if they are part of an offer or free sample.

Have you tried these out,let me know what you thought of them.



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