Smashbox vs Porefessional Primer.

Whether you have dry,oily or combination skin you need a good primer,but where to start?There are so many in store that it’s often hard to make a decision,which one is the one for you?

As i’ve gotten older i can’t get away with not using a one,my foundation never sits right and it just ends up looking like a cakey mess.

I have dry skin and struggle with cracking and dry patches around my t-zone,i know i’m not the only one who does and i know i definitely need to up my water intake and stop doing so many face masks for a start!

So when i’m buying a primer it needs to have a few boxes ticked;

  • Hydrating
  • Minimizes pores
  • light weight
  • Applies clear
  • Value for money

Smashbox have around 15 different primers to choose from,i use their photo finish hydrating foundation primer.It’s not everyone’s first choice,a lot of people go for the original version first but at £28 i just went with the one that sounded the most appealing to me…

It has a number of vitamins listed,one being hydraplex which i’m guessing is what makes it super hydrating.It’s oil-free and light weight plus has the added benefits of filling in fine lines and pores.

I don’t need tons of product,i use a normal pea sized amount all over my face and it goes on like silk.It’s not hydrating like a moisturiser would be but it does leave you with softer,smoother looking skin.

If you’re looking for a primer that will help give you a dewy appearance and help your foundation sit right,this is the one i’d recommend.

I use it everyday with any foundation or BB cream i own and it’s given me the same dewy look i love.

Plus it’s lasted me months,which makes the £28 splurge worth it.

Benefits porefessional was a total impulse buy for me.

You know when you ask for recommendations on social media and you get a ton of the same responses about the same product so you rush to buy it,this was one of those times.

From everyone’s response i had hyped this product up so much in my head,the online reviews i’d read raved about how well it blurred out pores,fine lines and how it was suitable for all skin types.I expected a holy grail product,but i didn’t find one,not with this anyway.

Instead i was left feeling a bit silly that i’d wasted £24.50 on a tube of primer,a small tube aswell.The smashbox primer is £28 and contains 30mls of product were as benefits porefessional is only £3.50 cheaper but contains 8mls less product at just 22mls.

I’m still not sure why this doesn’t work well for me,i’ve tried it with a foundation brush (which was awful,do not bother) and with my fingers,both are useless.I did find the type of foundation i used was a factor,the bourjois healthy mix foundation worked best for me over it but i still wouldn’t say it worked well as a primer for me.

The only good thing is how it minimizes pores,but that’s not enough for me.It didn’t give my foundation a flawless finish and it didn’t help with my dry patches.

Big thumbs down from me,i think it’s better suited to someone with an oily skin.

My recommendation would be,if you’re looking for a good primer regardless of skin type go with smashbox.They have a wide variety of primers for different skin types and uses,well worth the money.


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