The Good & The Bad | December Edition.

I hope i’m not the only one who has found it incredibly difficult this month to not buy all the christmas gifts on offer for themselves?!Especially in boots,with all their gifts being 3 for 2,i felt like a kid in a sweet shop.Props to myself though,i’ve only bought things this month that i actually needed.So if you fancy having a nosey at what’s in my the good & the bad | December edition ,keep scrolling.

garnier micellar gel cleanser itsi

Garnier micellar gel cleanser | Boots | £3.99.

I think we’ve all seen Just Jodes ad for the Garnier gel cleanser,it looked like a great alternative to Garnier’s micellar water range. However,i think we can all agree that even though a product has great reviews and everyone is using said product.What works for you might not work for someone else and this was the case for me.Although i do love the price and packaging of the gel cleanser,it’s sturdy pump and conveniently shaped bottle.After only two uses,i had to discontinue using it,i had quite a bad reaction.Before you start rolling your eyes,i did give this a second chance and gave myself a 2 week break before i tried it again.The same thing happened,red angry itchy skin that got pretty ugly.Having said this,the actual product itself,worked well at getting rid my foundation.It’s a shame it’s bad for my skin as it’s a good affordable makeup remover.It is worth noting that the bottle does say it causes eye irritation and my eyes were cloudy after i used it,so if this is something you dislike when removing eye makeup,i suggest something like bioderma instead (post here).

benefit & loreal brow pencils itsi

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert Eyebrow Pencil | Boots | £6.99.

I’ve used up my ABH brow wiz and i’m nearly out of my Benefit goof proof pencil too,so i was looking for a cheaper alternative.Imo L’Oreal has done a great job at creating a dupe for goof proof.I own the mini benefit pencil,i don’t own the one with the spooly on the end,so i can’t compare those.

They have 8 shades to choose from,i picked up the shade ebony.I could probably get away with buying a shade lighter,but at the time this was the closest shade to brown my store had.It’s a small precise triangular ended pencil,much like Benefit’s.Like all eyebrow pencils, the beautifully sharp edge begins to fade with each use and L’Oreal’s pencil is no exception,the sharp edge has softened.Regardless it still creates a neat,natural,full brow,without it looking patchy.Im not a lover of the spooly,i prefer mine to be smaller and less harsh but if you’re looking to save yourself £15,the spooly can easily be disregarded.

nip+fab glycolic night pads

Nip + Fab Glycolic Night Pads | Boots | £9.97.

Last year i discovered the Nip+Fab glycolic range and enjoyed using their products,they worked well with my skin.I’ve used their dragons blood serum and pads in the past and loved them.I’ve been trying to keep my skin care routine to a minimum for a while now as my skin type went from dry to combination.I find adding in lots of different oils and serums a hassle.Trying to pinpoint which product i’m having a reaction to can be different,so keeping my routine to 3-4 products has been much better.I can’t say i’ve noticed a huge difference in my skins appearance but i have notice my texture has looked and felt slightly better.They’re exfoliating pads with acids AHA – BHA’s,that i would normally steer clear of!I’ve not had the best experience with skincare products containing these acids.However,using these once or twice a week hasn’t caused any reaction,so i’m happy to carry on using them.Maybe i need to use them for more than a month to form a proper opinion on them but for now they are a nice addition.

soap and glory body buff scrub itsi

Soap & Glory Scrub ’em and leave ’em Body Buff | Boots | £8.

The jojoba and mandarin oils in this scrub are heavenly,they make the scrub feel very moisturising and luxurious.If you’ve tried Sanctuary’s body scrub,it’s slightly thicker than that and smells like snow fairy.My elbows,knees and feet have felt noticeably more softer,without being left with a thick greasy film on them from the oils.The scrub itself doesn’t feel majorly harsh either,despite the sea salt,a massive bonus for us sensitive skin types.You get 300mls of product for £8,so not the cheapest but worth the splurge in my opinion.I need to try more from the range,any recommendations?

L'Oreal hair oil cream itsi

L’Oreal Elvive Oils Dry Hair Oil In Cream | Boots | £6.99

I’ve used a few hair oils in the past and if i’m completely honest they offer very little relief for someone with dry/colour & heat damaged ends.I’ve been religiously using L’Oreal extraordinary oil shampoo and conditioner for a few months.Their conditioners have shown the best results,better than any other conditioner i’ve previously used.Having bleached my hair for a good few years and factoring in the fact i use heat on my hair everyday,my ends are pretty destroyed.

I like the fact i can use this hair cream on wet and dry hair,as a leave in conditioner or as heat protection.It has a gorgeous scent and i genuinely see a difference,my ends no longer look brittle and in desperate need of a cut.The cream has given them a new softer,shinier look,without weighing my hair down.L’Oreal also have the pot version which is £5.

santa ana and adobe swatches itsi

Ofra long lasting liquid lipstick | Santa ana | | £11    &

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick | Adobe | Superdrug | £7.99.

I bought both of these shades online,i went for two shades that reflected the time of year.So i was going for a festive lip colour.A little disappointed with the Ofra lip colour,online it appears much darker and mauve toned,whereas on me it’s very pink and bright.The formula is nice,creamy and matte.I’m not sure it’s the type of formula i would normally prefer,maybe i should try it in a different shade before i make my mind up on that.This particular shade did need a lip pencil underneath as it bled a little.It isn’t transfer proof and is did stain my lips.

The Revlon gel lipstick is rather unique,performs like a lipgloss yet has the appearance of a lipstick.Sadly i couldn’t wear this for very long as the transfer and smudging drove me mad.I love the colour,it’s definitely a beautiful Christmas day red lip.The lipstick applies nicely and doesn’t stain my lips,just a shame it doesn’t dry down a little.

sanctuary spa moisturiser itsi

Sanctuary Spa Radiance Moisturiser | Boots | £2.99.

As i said above i have combination skin but as we head into winter,i know from past experience that my dry patches will spread.This was only £3 and it’s a brand i like,so why not try it?

It has an orange scent to it surprisingly,which does disappear after a few minutes,thankfully. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue,it’s a very light moisturiser.I’ve been using it at night time and my skin has felt softer.Although i couldn’t say my skin has looked brighter or firmer as a result of using it.It doesn’t seem to do anything really.I don’t think i’ll be investing in any of the other moisturisers from this brand,no matter how affordable they are.

's novelty christmas earrings itsi

Claire’s Christmas Earrings | Claire’s | £10.

I actually picked these up whilst browsing the Toys ‘r’ us Claire’s section.I like abit of novelty at Christmas time and if it’s not in the form of a cringey novelty jumper it’s cheesy earrings.I actually don’t think these are that bad,are they?I’m not completely sure i paid £10 for them,i was certain they were half that but on the Claire’s website that’s the price.

That concludes what i’ve bought and tried over the past month,not all great but certainly some nice additions to my skincare.If you have any recommendations,let me know.

Thanks for reading x


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  1. December 15, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    Looks like you’ve picked up some pretty awesome bits, even if the cleanser was a no-go!! I’ve not been near the shops yet so I haven’t really bought anything at all! x

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