The Good & The Bad: October Edit.

After a few months in recovery i’ve finally broken through the rut i was in and started discovering new products to add to my makeup collection again.Over the past month i’ve found some new favs but i’ve also come across a lot of disappointing products too.

This month i purchased quite a few foundations i’ve been longing to try,a new eyeshadow palette,some more brushes and other beauty must haves.Instead of doing individual reviews i thought it would be more convenient to do a small summary of each product,especially as there were quite a few disappointments.

In this post i’m only going to include drugstore products or products i think are affordable.If you’d like me to do another featuring more expensive products, please let me know in the comments.

Foundations – In my search of the perfect shade,i ended up buying five foundations this month.Two of them are far too light for me,so really it’s three new foundations.One being from the brand Tarte,which isn’t affordable,so i’ll leave that one out.

Revlon colourstay 24 hour – shade Buff – £12.99.

The Revlon colorstay 24 hour combination/oily skin foundation is a little gem,i’m so happy to have found.There are very few foundations that are suitable for skin like mine,i’m dry around the eyebrows/temples but my nose and forehead get extremely oily.It is a matte finish and drys down quite quickly,so you have to work fast.It held up well controlling shine,oil break up and it didn’t look cakey on my dry areas.I don’t think i could wear it for 24 hours without needing to touch up,as it did crease around my nose and lips (hardly noticeable,just something i wanted to note) I’ve been reaching for it almost everyday since i bought it and although i did have to buy a darker shade than i normally go for,it’s the best shade i’ve found all month.

Maybelline fit me – shade 110 – £6.99.

As for the second drugstore foundation i purchased,i was left saddened.What a fail from Maybelline,why do brands say a product is for normal/oily skin when it’s not?!Maybelline’s fit me matte & poreless foundation dried down faster than anything i’ve used before and left a odd velvet finish on the skin (not the porefessional kind either!).It was cakey across my whole face,not just my dry areas.Even with a super hydrating,on the verge of greasy moisturiser and primer underneath,it looked awful.I initially thought i was having a bad skin day but giving this foundation a good few more chances,the results were the same.

Fit me powder – £5.99.

Powder – Superdrug were running a 3 for 2 offer on all makeup a few weeks ago,so whilst i was picking up a new mascara and eyeshadow palette i grabbed Maybelline’s fit me translucent powder.There really isn’t much to say apart from it has helped my concealers not to crease and it’s helped control oil.I really want to try UD Velvetizer but I don’t want to waste my money if it affects the shade of my base.Let me know if you recommend it.Concealers – I can’t be the only one that since discovering collections lasting finish concealer,has tried to find another that matches up to it?

I not only like my concealer to cover blemishes,i like it to brighten aswell.I have three that i’ve been trying out this month and whilst they weren’t all perfect,i did find one i loved.

Maybelline Fit Me – £5.99 – Age Rewind – £8.99.

Maybelline’s fit me and age rewind concealers are both good in their own ways.They both blend nicely and cover blemishes well,although the fit me concealer wasn’t that great at covering my dark circles.I’d definitely recommend a little colour correcting before using it.Rewind was slightly more creamy and the sponge applicator was useless in the grand scheme of things.I still had to blend it out with my sponge.Both shades were in light,the lightest shade they make but they did nothing in terms of brightening,the fit me concealer was actually darker than my foundation.

No filter concealer – Fair – £4.50.

Colourpop is definitely affordable when you convert $ to £,they’re one of my favourite indie brands.They released their no filter concealers a while ago,in 15 different shades.I purchased the shade fair,as it’s their lightest one.Despite the reviews being somewhat negative,i personally think it blended easily and didn’t crease as much as my tarte shape tape concealer.For now it’s the closest match to my collection fav that i’ve found.

Morphe brushes – 12NB – £13.

Eyeshadows – Sticking to affordability,Morphe is definitely affordable for the amount of shades you get.I love their smaller palettes as they’re easier to travel with,this 12nb palette is filled with gorgeous nudes.Perfect base and transition shades to play around with and for anyone just starting to get into makeup.Not to mention their shimmers are some of the best i’ve tried.

Maybelline Colossal mascara – £7.99.

Mascara – Maybelline’s colossal mascara has become one of my favs,i find myself reaching for it over my better than sex.The wand is your standard fibre cone,i like the way it gives my lashes good separation,length and a nice lift.I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t achieve a lift or curl without curling my lashes first but it’s still a really good drugstore mascara.

Lip stix and Lip pencil – shade Aquarius – £3.77 each.

Lipstick – Finishing with a gorgeous nude lipstix and pencil from Colourpop.I’ve purchased many liquid lip products from them before but this is my first lipstix and pencil.In the shade aquarius,the lipstix is a creamy satin matte formula that i found to be long wearing.Despite it transferring,it still left plenty of colour behind that didn’t look patchy.It did need reapplying after i ate but when applied with the lip pencil underneath it lasted 5 hours before i gave my lips another coat.If you like the intense colour payoff that you get from a liquid lip,i’d definitely recommend them or any of their satin lip products.

Let me know what drugstore products you’ve brought this month and if you want me to post the more expensive products i purchased,as i did get quite a few.


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  1. October 21, 2017 / 9:31 pm

    Oh wow I love the amount of detail you’ve gone into with each product, and you’ve encouraged me to go on a shopping spree! I used to be a huge fan of the Clinique foundation, until I discovered No7 from Boots and since then I haven’t looked back, but as it starts to run out I feel it’s time to look at other drugstore brands. Thanks for the heads up on these products!

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