Updated skin care routine – Winter edition.

My skin care tends to stay the same most of the year,apart from during the warmer months.I lean more towards lighter products that don’t sit heavy on my skin,soak in quickly and allow it to breath.I still need hydration and a good pore cleanser but there are a few creams,serums and certain types of cleansers i use mainly in the autumn/winter time.

I’ve been watching Stephanie Nicole on youtube a lot recently,i really enjoy her skin care videos because she goes into depth about what she uses and why.She talks about why she uses certain products for certain steps and something she talked about recently has really made me try to get my routine in order.

When going through your routine,try to use the thinnest product first,working your way towards the heaviest.This will allow the thinner products chance to work their magic on your skin,something i am trying out,as most of the time i just apply in any order.

The Simple moisturising cleansing lotion is perfect for cleansing over my eyes in the morning and evening.It’s so gentle and doesn’t sting my eyes or leave them cloudy.I’ve recently brought the nip and fab glycolic cleansing fix face wash,which i’ve been using as my main cleanser,even though it’s a foaming gel cleanser it doesn’t make my face itch or feel tight.Which is a real pet hate of mine,dry skin and foam cleansers are normally a big no but my initial impressions are good so far.

I use my nip and fab glycolic fix scrub to exfoliate every few days,it’s amazing at cleansing my pores thoroughly and leaves my skin feeling extremely moisturised afterwards.Something i find hard to come by with a scrub,normally my skin can feel tight and itchy after using some exfoliators. Even inbetween the days where i don’t use it,i sometimes just rub a smidge on my nose – I hate seeing any kind of build up there.

For inbetween the days i don’t exfoliate i’m using another nip and fab product,the nip and fab dragons blood fix cleansing pads.I’m also using these in the morning and evening,they are drenched in serum and they work well.I wouldn’t use these for my main cleanse if i’ve been wearing make up,but they’re great to use as a second cleanse.They absorb nicely into your skin,leaving a gorgeous dewy glow.I’ve been using the caudalie beauty elixir for a good few months and i’m nearly out!It just adds that little bit of extra hydration to my routine.After a quick few spritz of the elixir,i apply some of caudalie eye cream.The skin under my eyes has felt super soft and moisturised since i started using this,i love the consistency of the eye cream aswell,it soaks in quickly.For my morning moisturiser i’m using the neutrogena hydro boost cream moisturiser.I use this generously,it doesn’t sit too heavy but gives me the right amount of moisture i need and soaks in well.On an evening i use my Origins night-a-mins high potency night cream i can’t express how nice this feels on my skin.I’ve been using this for ages,the minerals really do work their magic and restore,moisture,colour and firmness to my skin,i’ve just finished my big pot and now i’m on my last little tube *sob*.Last step in my routine is yet another nip and fab product,the dragons blood fix plumping serum.Since buying this my skin has felt incredible and looks healthy.I do feel it has helped with my skins elasticity and fine lines.I prefer this over my origins plantscription serum,just because of how quickly and how well it soaks into your skin after applying it.I use this in the morning and evening and haven’t woken up with dry patches once.

Let me know what winter essentials you can’t be without during the cold weather.Mine has to be the serum,it makes every moisturiser i use work so much better.



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