What Mums Really Want For Christmas.

No doubt everyone will have spent a vast majority of their christmas budget already, especially with black friday only being last week.

Friends and relatives are always easiest to buy for and if we’re being honest,we’re not too fussed with what they actually think,as long as you got them something.

When it comes to buying gifts for your parents though,it’s a completely different story.You want to show them that you’ve thought about what you’re buying and that it’s something special.

I’ve put together some gift suggestions,that i think your mum would love to receive.All within a reasonable budget and i’ve also include some smaller gifts,for people who want to get their mum a little extra something else.

I’ll start with the obvious and safest choice,perfume.Please don’t buy the perfume that you’ve never heard of before,already on sale and is now further reduced.Your mum will definitely know how much it cost you.Make an effort,smell your mum’s favourite perfume,go into store and have a smell of what they have to offer,try to find one similar and suited to your budget.If you know what you’re looking for and are just shopping around for price,look online,googling a product can help save you ££’s.


Skin care is a great gift for any mum. I love all the gift sets that come out at christmas,most are incredibly good value for money and are widely available.Have a look at what your mum uses now,is there something she doesn’t yet use?It’s now winter time so think moisture,hydration,serums,products you know she’ll benefit from.Even if she isn’t into facials or face masks,you could buy her some bath/shower products from places like lush & the body shop,they are always a welcomed treat to enjoy after cooking all christmas day.Next has to be makeup or even makeup brushes,any mum would be appreciative of these.Such a nice surprise,but it can also be a waste of money if you don’t plan ahead.Take foundation for example,unless you’re buying her the same foundation she currently loves the chances are you might pick up the wrong shade.Stick to familiar brands she uses if you get really stuck,buy products such as eyeshadows,blushers and mascaras you can’t really go wrong with.Gift sets are great money savers and are a nice way to introduce her to a new brand that she’ll love.

If you’re mum has so much makeup that you don’t want to get her even more,grab her some makeup brushes.You can get sets for less than £30 and they’re always discounted around this time of year.This might sound like something your mum would buy you,but Nightwear is a really nice gift,that i love buying myself and no doubt your mum will love too.Last year i bought a gorgeous dressing gown from M&S and it’s been my favourite ever since. Pyjamas and new slippers are never unwanted as long as they’re super cosy.

Homeware is probably the easiest gift to get anyone.The more thought you put into this the better.Don’t walk into the closest b&m a week before christmas and pick up some candle holders because you need to get something!If your mum loves her home comforts like me,she is bound to love furry throws,fancy cushions,adorable mugs and little sentimental ornaments that she can place around the house,all of which you can buy literally anywhere for a decent price.

Don’t rule out buying your mum things for the kitchen either,i sometimes feel like people refrain from getting their parents anything like this incase it offends them.I once bought myself a cake mixer and a george foreman,which i still use and greatly appreciate.As long as the thought is there and it ties in with a hobby like baking,she’ll love it.

Moving onto stocking fillers – I’ve chosen these for people who want to buy a little extra gift or just something a little smaller than usual.

Make-up bag – Great gift for mums who do their make-up on the train,in the car or are due to go on holiday soon.

Lush bath products – Affordable little gifts that you can either buy in a set or as single product,every mum would love at least one of these at christmas.

Candles – Can be brought in all sorts of sizes for various prices.Shop around to get great deals and make sure you know what scents your mum loves.You can’t got wrong with a festive candle.

Hat & scarf set – Again a gift you would expect your mum to buy you,but i’m sure she would appreciate a set too.Winter is still here,even when christmas is over.If she doesn’t own a pair and you’re struggling with what style to buy her,try to match them with her coat or handbag.

Nail polish – Always a gift i love to buy,if you’ve read my blog regularly you’ll know i love doing my nails.Many stores have sets for around £10 but if you don’t see any that you think you’ll mum will love,then you can buy a few separately and make your own bundle for her.

There are thousands of gifts out there to buy your mum for christmas this year but if you’re really struggling for ideas,i hope this helped inspire you.Just remember that you’re mum appreciates the thought behind the gift rather than how much money you spent on it.

If you have any last minute gift recommendations for mums,leave it in the comments below to help others out.

Don’t forget the Royal Mails latest recommended 2nd class postage date is the 20th December.


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  1. December 3, 2016 / 7:03 pm

    Thank you this was so helpful! I always struggle to get my mom something. I think nail polish is a great idea!

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