10 Must Buy Magazines.

Finding the time to sit down with a cuppa to read your favourite magazine is harder than you think.Life gets in the way,social media gets in the way and before you know it the day has passed and you’re laying in bed trying to catch up on snapchat!

When it slows down a bit i like to make a conscious effort to put some time away for myself and indulge in my favourite magazines.Here i’ve put together my top 10 that i think are worth a read…


Very cliché but the very popular,glamour magazine is every bloggers monthly purchase,if not for the amazing free gifts but for the latest trends & celebrity news.Featuring some rather mature articles (especially in this months edition),glamour are also renowned for leaking the latest in the world of make up.They make a point of including affordable,good quality products in their recommendations,which is why i love picking this up.Some of the featured brands are Stila,Bourjois & Maybelline and some of the more expensive brands are Dior,Chanel & Louis Vuitton. The quality of the articles (although light) always make for good reading,in this months edition they featured an article on the aftermath of a long-term relationship break up,which i think is totally relatable to a lot of readers.They do have quite a bit of fashion included in this one as they’ve named it The Big Fashion issue”,featuring 638 looks it’s like a mini ELLE.


My second monthly treat magazine, you get so much great content to read with cosmo it’s ridiculous.The article by Kate spade was very insightful,along with the talk the talk piece,great for people who need tips on getting a job.The beauty buys,the quality of writing and the brilliant ,varied articles keep you intensely gripped.There is some colourful language in some of the articles and the ‘lust’ section of cosmo is far too inappropriate for an under 16 year old,just something i thought was worth mentioning.Cosmo have a few pages dedicated to giving us detailed recommendations on makeup, hair,fragrances,skincare,body & nails.They really are detailed,explaining why they’re recommending products,which i think is very important.They had an amazing line up on the ‘Design Doubles’ page,great for bargain hunters and bloggers on the look out for great props!


This magazine is one of my favs,jam-packed full of details on where to get the latest fashion and beauty must-haves but at a fraction of the price.Once you open up Look you see it instantly from the get go,they’re recreating looks but with more affordable pieces.Every page they’re trying to save you money and help you stay up to date with fashion and beauty.Celebrity gossip is also included (is any magazine anything without a bit of goss!)but not as often as other magazines.The spread on ‘cruelty free’ makeup was inspiring,you don’t realise it but your makeup can still be amazing with an extra little bunny logo.I have to say this magazine is slightly damaging,it will make you want to spend,spend,spend!


Slightly different as this is a weekly magazine and despite the name ‘stylist’ they feature some very important and influential articles.This weeks edition was very focused on the olympics and the teamGB athletes (it is the first week of the games after all).I find myself drawn to columnists who give advice on RL struggles,such as ‘making time for friends’ & ‘workplace loneliness’, such easy reads but very helpful.It’s not solely a fashion magazine but it does have a great fashion section,a lot more affordable fashion items too.They also have a 2 page spread of beauty & skincare recommendations,which of course i love.


Another weekly magazine that i grew up reading,Grazia publish the latest in the celebrity world.I love the gossip in this one,they make it sound so much more juicy and interseting.As the new fashion season is among us,every magazine has decided to take that on board and publish lookbook,after lookbook,after lookbook.Grazia do have a few spreads of designer fashion advertisements but not an overwhelming amount.Further on from the pages of fashion and gossip are the beautifully put together home decor pages that are worthy of pinterest,horoscopes and some book/film recommendations.In this months edition of Grazia, they featured an article on Jennifer Aniston and her ‘social anxiety’.She spoke about why she is so fed up of the stigma surrounding older,successful & childless woman,it’s a really interesting read that no doubt will have you thinking.

Marie Claire

A fabulous monthly magazine full to the brim with hot topics on lifestyle and beauty from all over the world but in a more mature way.Touching on the world of politics with Hilary Clinton and speaking to her about the struggles of preparing to become president of the united states,all whilst being a mother.Another outstanding interview with the ‘real & down to earth’  Anna Kendrick,which i loved reading.Marie Claire write some amazing content and their beauty advice is great (although slightly lacking in this edition).The photo spread of designer labels throughout solely reflects that of the catwalk and this seasons trend setters.


An incredible monthly magazine,i feel like you get your money’s worth and more with this one.They have some very detailed interviews with the likes of Olivia Palerino,Heather Havrilesky & serena williams they include a range of questions from lifestyle,health,relationship and beauty.The beauty section may only be 3 pages in this magazine but they are detailed and they are good quality recommendations,not just page filler recommendations.The food and travel sections at the back of red are lovely,very personal reviews.Of course they also have an array of fashion advertisement throughout due to the new fashion season.What i adore and i mean really adore is their ability to put woman out there,to embrace every positive aspect there is of being a woman.When i pick up red my mentality improves,i feel empowered,loved almost.

Elle UK

Elle have just gone through an extensive revamp!Whilst still publishing great,in demand articles on the likes of Kristen Stewart & Zayn Malik,they have become more fashion magazine then celebrity gossip magazine.Some of the fashion items are affordable for the average woman but a large amount is not.I do really enjoy reading through the beauty trend pages to see what i can treat myself to and elle always seem to have very affordable recommendations.They also have a gorgeous and enviable travel section,which feature reviews not only on holiday destinations abroad but also destinations in the uk.it’s a great read if you’re also a lover of magazines like Vogue.

British Vogue

Where do i start?The biggest/heaviest and one of the most influential monthly magazines out there,every celebrity reads it and wants to be featured on the cover.VOGUE are largely known for publishing the latest luxury fashion must-haves and the best accessories available.Septembers edition saw ‘The Trend Edit’ publish some of the upcoming Autumn collection that will no doubt influence every fashion icons wardrobes,some great affordable beauty recommendations also included in there.The jam packed catalogue of clothing advertisements also has some pretty damn good articles featured too.I particularly liked the personal shoppers experience (which was very eye-opening,who knew how demanding that job can be) and an article on the new tv series ‘victoria’,which made for very funny reading.Vogue also cover Cara Delevingne,she has recently started opening up about the effects the industry has had on her mental health,i hope others follow suit and help remove some of the stigma associated with mental health (not everyone can deal with extreme levels of stress).I do also like the Voguebeauty section which recommends some great products that of course every blogger will want to try.Much like red magazine the voguebeauty section gives detailed recommendations on the type of makeup & skincare you should be using,whilst also having a ‘doctors note’ to enforce their conclusions on products.Not all products are high-end either with body shop,skin laundry & origins being featured they do cover the average womans usual buys.Dont forget to check out the back section (it’s not all summarised) for the property section,even if you’re not looking to spend a million pound on a mansion,i like to draw interior design inspiration from it.

Harpers Bazaar UK

Previously known as Harpers & Queen this monthly magazine is a more sophisticated read for someone who loves luxury.I have to admit i prefer this fashion magazine over Vogue much more,there’s so much detail.The editors really do bring the reader into the design and give explanations as to why styles are on trend.It makes the heavy price tags attached to most of the featured items seem a lot less steep and unlike Vogue i can definitely visualise more with Bazaar as the clothing seems more realistically wearable/adaptable for RL.In this months edition,the Kim & Kanye interview made for a nice light read,whilst articles on Rosie Hunginton-Whiteley were more indepth and inspiring.Her words really do resonate with me,especially her “you need to be supportive…there’s nothing more unattractive than women bringing other women down”  quote.Bazaar did lack some beauty aspects for me but still had the odd ‘editors picks’ suggestion,which i enjoyed reading and gathering future purchase inspiration from.Next months edition,which is available from september 1st,is the beauty edit version.A must buy.Like vogue don’t forget to check out the back section of the magazine,it’s the most overlooked part i feel.Unlike other magazines Bazaar feature pages on school recommendations,pet supplies & boutiques,well worth a look.

So that’s a run down of my top 10 magazines .If you’re reading this,well done for getting to the end,let me know if you have any magazine recommendations you think i’d also like to read.Don’t forget all the magazines i’ve featured are also available to view online.


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