Christmas Day Tag.

In just a few days we will be sat around our Christmas trees,enjoying gifts and well deserved treats with loved ones.I’ve written a few beauty posts recently and whilst i love them,i thought it would be nice to do a Christmas day tag.I love reading tag posts and whilst i couldn’t find a tag myself,i thought these questions where generic enough for everyone to do,if you want to.

Is your Christmas tree real or artificial?

Real.We used to have a small white artificial tree,which was lovely but years old.So this year we went to a woodland near our home and bought a real one.They sell Christmas trees that are approved by the forestry commission,so we were happy to buy one from them.Our tree was 6ft and cost £50.

Do you have any sentimental ornaments that you hang on your tree?

Yes.We bought some in Florida at WDW from the Christmas store and they’re so special to me.They’re little reminders of so many happy memories at disney.I also have different ornaments that the kids handmade me at school and we buy them a different ornament each year to put on the tree.

Star or Fairy?

Traditional star.

What do you wear on Christmas day?

I wish i could spend all Christmas day in my favourite Pjs but you never know if you’re going to burn the house down and have to stand outside,waiting for the fire brigade.I don’t fancy showing the neighbours my plaid shenanigans .Typically i wear a novelty jumper and some jeans,with a bright red lip and some sparkle on my eyes ;). 

Where do you spend Christmas day?

At home with my boyfriend and kids.We tend to visit relatives on boxing day,so the kids can spend Christmas day playing games and with the gifts they received.It can get very overwhelming in our house,so keeping things to a minimum whilst they get over the initial excitement is the best decision.

What are you looking forward to most on Christmas day?

Seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning and feeling a little sense of relief that you got something right that year!

What do you watch every year on Christmas day?

The Queen’s speech.HA!Very british!

What film do you watch on Christmas day without fail?

Home alone.We love lost in new york,although we do watch it quite a few times in the run up to Christmas day too.We also like Fred Claus.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I wish it could be Christmas everyday – Wizzard!

What is your favourite treat to have at Christmas?

Chocolate cake!Hot cake with custard or ice cream.

Do you prefer to give gifts or receive them?

I personally love to give gifts,seeing someone like what i bought them makes me so happy.Receiving them in front of people makes me a little uncomfortable,just incase i don’t give the reaction they expected me to.Anyone else?

Who cooks Christmas dinner?

I do.I don’t recommend it!

What would be your dream Christmas day?

It’s actually a hard question when i think about it.Christmas is such a happy time that you associate it with happy past times.This year we went to Florida for 3 weeks and spent 90% of our time in WDW.I’d love to wake up there on Christmas day and spend the morning opening gifts and then spend the rest of the days festivities with disney characters and watching Christmas shows.It would be so magical.


If you decide to do the tag aswell,make sure to let me know in the comments so i can check it out.

Thanks for reading,I hope you all have a very happy Christmas x


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