Current Snapchat favourites.

I’ve been on snapchat for about a 8 months now and i follow and watch some awesome people on there.I started out just adding my friends,messing around with the filters but then i read one of cardigan jezebel’s posts,where she named a few snapchatters worth following.So i followed them and one recommendation lead to another and another and it spiraled from there – I now follow a lot of irish snappers,so i apologize now,there are a few of them in here,ha!

I don’t just follow bloggers though,i follow youtubers,business owners,slimming world consultants,make up manufacturers and mums.I try and watch everyone’s snaps at the end of each day but i don’t always make it-does anyone?I’m trying to reply to people’s snaps more too,i have a terrible habit of just watching and not talking – i’m getting better though!

Here are 18 of my current favourite snapchatters.

Nicole-ywpsnaps – One of my favourite american beauty youtubers,she is so down to earth!She is the queen of swatching,if you thought 10 snaps of yourself swatching a few lipsticks was to many – go and watch her snaps.If you like watching family life,make up swatches and product testing go add her.

Nicola-thenakedblondie – I love watching Nicola’s snaps,she is one of the few people i watch when i need a “pick me up”.Her positive outlook on weight loss is so motivating,i would recommend her to anyone who is following slimming world or just wants to eat healthier.She snaps all of her meals,with detailed recipes and how to cook them.Her ability to talk openly and freely about the challenges that losing weight brings,makes me feel better when i’m struggling for motivation.She has lost 10 stone and just launched her own meat company in ireland! #girlboss

Sharon Leavy-sharonleavy – Absolutely love her chatty snaps.She doesn’t know me from adam,she was one of the woman i followed from cardigan jezebels post.She’s a irish STAM with a husband and 3 kids,she’s a great laugh to watch and snaps about slimming world,make-up,arts and crafts and just general life.If you enjoy that sort of thing go and add her,i watch her snaps everyday.

Sera – seraemily – I have so much to thank this lady for,blogging tips,health tips and advice on how to deal with anxious situations.She writes for her local woman’s magazine and has her own blog.I like watching Sera’s snaps for fashion inspiration,make-up and skin care recommendations and her opinions on literally everything.She gives you great advice on things like blog photography,skin care,homeware,arts and crafts and sometimes food.I love her new hair!

Kate – sparkle_ted – An Irish photographer who with her husband Sean,take the most spectacular wedding photos i have ever seen.Kate is hilariously sarcastic and witty,i love her sense of humor,she’s a laugh to watch.Again she doesn’t know me but she makes me want to move to Ireland, get married just so i can have her and her husband take breath-taking photos.They travel a lot and snap their entire adventures along the way,her daily beach walks and snaps of the sunset are gorgeous.

Katie -katiemiddletonx – One of my favourite bloggers to follow,i like how down to earth katie is and friendly to everyone.She works really hard,is super active on twitter and instagram and is really chatty on snapchat.If you want to watch someone who talks about beauty,events and work life give her a follow.She does blogger mail unboxing,gives you beauty recommendations and shows you behind the scenes-she has a new kitten and the snaps of him are so cute.I can’t wait to watch her snaps over the next few months as she has lots of exciting things happening in her life.

Alex -thelippielady – The queen of glitter eyes!Alex is an absolute amazing MUA,who is always doing gorgeous get ready with me sessions on snap.She’s such a lovely girl to know,who makes me want to spend all my money on the latest make-up and accessorizes.I have her on other social media aswell and she is just so positive and kind to other people.Her blog is a dream,full of make-up and selfies,if you love make-up,behind the scenes and uni life talk,go add her.

Laura – cunninghamlaura – Laura runs her own Irish company called hippenings, where she sells everything for weddings and also planners,blog props etc-all whilst working for the magazine confetti. She’s just got back into slimming world and has been snapping away her healthier food choices.She snaps at work,at events and once she dyed her hair pink and snapped it all – It turned out great btw.

Kat – chaptersofkat – I first followed kat on twitter,then insta and now i stalk the crap out of her on snapchat aswell,HA,i’m kidding!Jokes aside,she’s such a genuine girl,who helps people out whenever they ask,be that with blogging or instagram.She’s so kind and is always making me laugh with her sarcastic sense of humor.She’s just got a new puppy and whilst feeling like she’s got a toddler on her hands,snaps the laughs and all the good stuff-go add her.

Em – emshelx – Em is a youtuber and an award-winning lifestyle blogger,she blogs and vlogs about travel,beauty,fitness and fashion.She is so genuine,kind and helpful-snapping her workouts and new wardrobe pieces along the way.She gives advice on keeping your lifestyle balanced, workouts, keeping healthy and occasionally the slice of pizza or bar of chocolate.Very down to earth,i love her constant holiday snaps and beauty suggestions.

Jemma Dorkface – jemmamorgan – Everyone reading this will more than likely know who jemma is!If by some odd reason you don’t,she is the founder of thegirlgang twitter group – chats every monday at 6pm.She is also an amazing business owner,making illustrations for people.She works so hard at what she does and is super active on social media.I love jemmas snaps of her and gary,she rants,jokes and snaps herself when she goes to events.One of those people who you always circle purple.

Karen – lovelygirlybits – Karen is an irish beauty blogger and youtuber,she’s such a laugh to watch.Her snapchat is possibly one of the funniest,her sense of humor has me in tears!Her make-up collection is huge and i envy her nail polish hoard so much.She is very family orientated and they feature in her snaps alot.Her and her sister Joanne are almost always together and snap events,daily life and all things beauty related – you will love her!

Leah – devotedtopink – The woman who pushed me to even speak on snapchat!I bet you all have her added already,but if you don’t you need to have her on there.She’s a business woman who also has a beauty blog,whilst snapping her make-up and outfits everyday she gives you some valuable advice too.She does snapper of the week,where she recommends people to follow and why.She snaps daily and i find her beauty tips really useful.

Erika -retroflame1 – An inspirational woman – Erika is an Irish blogger now living in NYC,living a bloggers dream.She snaps everything from getting her make-up done with bobbi brown products,to attending motivational speaker events and sunday strolls through the park.She gives really good advice on career and lifestyle choices over on snapchat and on her blog.Her fashion tastes are something to be admired,so much so that she was featured by vogue!She is well worth watching.

Lynne – slimwithlynne – Lynne is an irish slimming world consultant who has lost 6 stone.She’s a recent add but from the weeks i’ve been watching her snaps,i’ve learnt some delicious recipes and ways to make healthier choices.Her back story of how she became a slimming world consultant is amazing,she is so lovely and easy to watch that i could not add her in here.

Jennifer – theskinnerd – Everything you think you know about skin,forget it.Jennifer is a irish beauty therapist/trainer with an abundance of skin knowledge,who gives you in-depth,invaluable advice.If you have a skin related question you can ask her anything,she does answer and has helped me a lot,especially when i had a bad reaction to ret a.She is also the creator of the famous cleanse off mitt.

Tracey quinn – traceyquinn89 – Tracey is a youtuber for channel mum and a mummy blogger.I love watching her snaps of family life and slimming world friendly recipes.She talks through the mentality of losing weight and how to get back on track if you find yourself having an off day.She helps you to understand how maximizing your food portions helps you lose weight-she’s lost 4 stone in a year by doing slimming world.

Ellen – waxpertsellen – Ellen is an irish waxing salon owner,whose love for fashion and beauty makes her a must have on your snapchat list.She snaps her amazing ootds,i absolutely love her style and she owns some luxurious make-up that i envy,her whole personality is lovely.She does waxing Wednesday’s,where you can snap her all your waxing questions and she does her best to answer them.She is also mother to a little boy,whose singing and piano playing is absolutely adorable.If you enjoy family,events,fashion,beauty and waxing snaps you will love ellen.

That’s all of my current love to watch snapchatters,well done if you made it this far!

I found this quite hard to word if i’m honest,i mean how to you word why you love to stalk people’s daily lives on snapchat,HA!

Each person’s snapchat username is next to their underlined name.

If you have any snapchatters that you think are worth a mention,leave them in the comments below.


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