Hello 2017!

Happy new year everyone!

I don’t normally get excited at the prospect of another year flying by,whilst everything stays the same.Same scenario,different day and all that,it’s something i dread.Which is why 2017 excites me,i have so many wonderful plans that i know are going to be put into action,not your typical new year,new me goals.

2016 wasn’t a total wash out though,i created my blog and managed to get a steady flow of readers,which i’ll be forever grateful for.I can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to read and comment on my blog and interact with me on twitter.

I also took the time to concentrate on things that needed my full attention,which has set the way for 2017.

This year i have 4 main goals;

  1. Go travelling.
  2. Move to another city.
  3. Post at least twice a week.
  4. Improve my photography.

These are not all my yearly goals,i have quite a few family orientated goals but i thought these were the ones that people who read my blog would be interested in reading about.

Travelling – On a weekend we’ve been visiting quite a few different places,my favourites so far have been Nottingham castle and the tower of London.

I love getting in the car and visiting just about anywhere with a bit of history.I want to do more of this and hopefully one day this year visit Scotland.I don’t get anxious visiting places in the UK,i think that’s down to the fact i know i can get home easily enough,but to travel to a different country and experience life outside of the UK is an entirely different bag of buttons.Although the desire to travel abroad is strong,my state of mind has never been ready to take that plunge and see it through.The furthest i’ve travelled previously was to Ireland,hardly the USA.Which is where i’m going next week,i finally plucked up the courage and booked the plane tickets.I chose America to be our first destination because if it’s too much to handle at least we’ve been to the greatest place on earth,right?!I can’t promise i’ll actually get on the plane (my legs are officially jellybeans at the thought) but i’ll give it my best and hopefully i’ll have achieved that first goal very soon.

Moving – I’ve moved house quite a few times in my life and although they’ve never been the best,i’ve never lived in an area where i felt unsafe.Where i currently live there have been a number of murders and assaults happen and that absolutely terrifies me.I only moved here because of the close proximity to the kid’s school (i’m there quite a bit) but i think that ship has sailed and it is not worth the stress and money anymore.My rent is extremely high for what we’re living in and i know moving to a better city with cheaper rentals will benefit us majorly and we’d be able to walk to the shop without fear.My boyfriend currently lives over 50 miles away,which as you can imagine is horrendous. We’ve spoken about getting our own place for years now and it’s never happened.Until now,my current rental is up in May and i’m not renewing.We’re going to get our own home together in his hometown,which compared to this city is exceptionally better.Don’t get me wrong moving to another city and finding new schools is pretty terrifying for me but i know it’s going to be worth it and we’ll have a much happier life up there.I know this goal will be achieved by April!

Posting more – I’ve been posting once or twice a week since June,but i want to commit to twice a week or more for the whole year and see how i feel about it at the end.I see my blog as a hobby at the moment but i hope to create something more out of it this year.I’m not entirely sure what i want from it yet,but at the moment i’m happy that i am part of an incredible community that i can turn to whenever i need a chat.I’m not going to put a huge amount of pressure on myself with this goal,if i miss a post,i’m not going to stress about it.This is more of a personal goal that i hope i achieve,i want to put much more effort into my content and give people much more useful advice.Some of my most read posts are ones that have helpful tips in them,so if that means i post once a week that’s ok but i would love to achieve twice a week.

Improving my photography – Currently i take all my photos on my iPhone,they have improved in the sense of lighting and layout since i first started,but i want them to be better.The quality,the size and the layout need improvement and to do that i need a camera.The image that a camera can produce outweighs that of an iPhone by a long shot,they have many different settings that can improve the quality of an image and make it look sharper,brighter and overall better.There are many different cameras on the market currently and i already know i don’t have the budget for a Olympus pen but if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments.

I hope to achieve the goals i’ve set myself,i love that i’m able to write them here to look back on.I’m so used to writing them down and forgetting about them.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017 x


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