My favourite blog/vlogmas 2016.

It’s the last day of blogmas for me,nearly didn’t write this last night.It was chaos, wrapping and last-minute minute mad rush of to-do things.It’s currently 23:10 and i’m drinking a redbull trying to stay awake because i have so much left to do and i can’t do it tomorrow (today) because,well,it’s christmas eve!

I’ve really enjoyed the past 24 days of blogging,i pre-write about half of my posts and then did the other half daily.I like to pre-write way better,i don’t feel so rushed and i was able to schedule posts,tweets,photos in a much more organised way.Daily blogging is so hard,i don’t think i could do it again.

So many blogmas posts were read and soo much vlogmas was watched,i love how dedicated people are.I definitely looked forward to some posts and videos,which is why i wanted to include them in my last blogmas post.I have 1 blogmas and 2 vlogmas favs and i hope you join me in showing them some appreciation.

1.KTKINNES – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading her blogmas posts.Mainly consisting of lifestyle posts,she has well and truly brought some festive cheer to my reader feed.I’ve looked forward to seeing which song she will feature within each of her daily posts and a look into her Christmas traditions.Always well written and chatty,i feel like she is writing as if she were talking to a friend.You can catch up with her posts here-

2.Hannah Louise – Love hannahs vlogs,i think i enjoy them so much because she’s so honest about mental health.Even when there were times where she could have given up,she hasn’t.She’s so lovely and kind,it really comes across in her vlogs and her dogs are so adorable.More people like Hannah on youtube please and thank you.Hannah’s youtube channel –

3.LexiLife – You know when you discover someone who is just naturally hilarious and you wish you knew them in person because they’d have you in hysterics that’s Katy!She is gorgeous and naturally likeable so i couldn’t do a favourite vlogmas post without including her.She did a great alternative to daily vlogs and did weekly vlogmas (every few days) it was really well worth the wait everytime.Her and Matt are so fun to watch together,i love watching her try on videos and she has some great beauty tips.You can catch up on her videos here –

That’s it for 2016 blogmas,i’m thankful to everyone who took the time to read,like,comment on my posts.I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.I will be posting again shortly.

Merry Christmas everyone.xx


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