Taking a break from blogging made me lose my confidence.

As you know from my previous post me and my gallbladder i’ve been ill for the past 6 months,i haven’t posted and generally not kept up with anything.The truth is i’ve felt better for a few weeks but i’d lost all confidence in my ability to blog.

In between the drama of twitter and instagram,i’ve realised that likes,bounce rates and page views aren’t everything.Writing my opinion on products and snippets of my life are what i enjoy writing about.I buy things on impulse, especially if they’re in high demand and normally i wouldn’t of doubted my content or its worth but reading off the cuff comments had me doubting everything.

Reading comments and highly discussed posts that the blogging community had become saturated, with mediocre writers and freebie grabbing teenagers left me a little deflated.Whilst i see these type of bloggers in my feed from time to time,i don’t feel the need to rant about it every other day or become bitter.That they’ve somehow saturated the community so much that i’m not being seen anymore. Yes,i agree that calling out the really rude bloggers who are in everyone’s emails and DMs demanding tips on snagging “free stuff” is ok.We all know blogging is not about what you can scam out of it,it’s hard and time consuming.In fact i know bloggers who have been writing for years,only just recently start to get the recognition they deserve.Bloggers who just want a free lipstick or a free charcoal mask should be named and shamed.

I didn’t start my blog to gain freebies,i wanted to connect with people who share the same passions.My blog is somewhere other than instagram to share my beauty finds and my favourite things during each month.I’ve made some lovely friends through it,friends i’d of never met otherwise.So why did i lose my confidence? 

Blogging isn’t what it used to be anymore,everyone has a blog now.

The community is so saturated with beauty bloggers,it’s hard to find a decent review.

Paid/sponsored reviews aren’t honest anymore,everyone is just trying to get on the big PR lists.

Bloggers talk about community,when in reality we are all in competition with each other.

Why do people post about a product if it’s not a review,i want swatches and photos of what it looks like on.I don’t want to read about what you think,just show me.

If you don’t always join in the twitter chats,you shouldn’t use the hashtags to promote content.

You shouldn’t post about things outside your niche.

Favourites are so boring now.

Your blog doesn’t get many views so there’s no point in doing a media kit.

I wasn’t feeling the most confident in writing again after i kept seeing comments like these,i even binned past posts because i felt they weren’t worthy. As a newbie blogger,reading comments like this can be very disheartening.I lost my confidence worrying about being judged,judged about being myself and writing about what i wanted.After debating with myself whether i wanted to continue or not,i realised it doesn’t matter.It doesn’t matter if you and hundreds of others, blog about the same thing.It’s what we love, it’s what we’re good at, we shouldn’t stop because others are well,bitchy.

My perspective on how i manage my content has changed a little and i’ve made a few changes but my niche won’t, nor will the way i write. As for instagram and blog photos,i’m still going to keep using my iPhone and not feel poor because i can’t afford a £1,000 camera.Seeing how much a macbook or olympus pen camera cost,plus addition lens is enough to make anyone feel poor.Taking the break was needed,in some ways it made me more determined to keep going.I may have let passive comments get to me because i wasn’t in a good mental state but it is something i am getting over.

If you’re reading this from a place of self-doubt or just want to know how to gain a little more confidence in your writing.Remember why you started in the first place,write in the way you enjoy to read.Most importantly,don’t let other people dictate how you should write,blossom on your own.Everyone is going to have their opinions and you can’t please everyone,so why not just do things the way you want to.



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